My Mother’s Hot Boy Toy

I\'ll never hurt you

I went upstairs to my room leaving Akira and the rest preparing lunch. When I was on the hallway to my room on the further end next to the parlor, I heard a moaning sound coming from my moms room. I couldn believe they were still making love, how many rounds can he go?

I peeked through the glass window on the crafted door and there on the bed was Fox and mom. Fox was pounding into her from behind and her face was down in the pillow as she yelled out, gripping the sheets. My heart began throbbing, and I felt dirty for even watching. Something inside me ignited and I doubted a bucket of ice could put it out. He gently ran his hands down her back to the seam of her butts.

”Fuck! You
e so wet. ” His deep voice sent a chill down my spine. Feeling like Im invading their privacy, I stepped back to leave but I froze when I saw his naked body in full view. Holy shit!

He grabbed my moms blonde hair, yanking her head up and she immediately wrapped her mouth around his large member as if she had been trained to. Of course, she was an expert, one reason she didn want me to date guys. She knew how addictive sex was and she couldn watch me go down that way.

I bit my lip trying hard to suppress a moan dying to escape as he pumped his full length into her mouth roughly, choking her with it. I exhaled softly, feeling my panties becoming moist as I watched Foxs hardened expression, full of dominance. I had never really been experienced in the sex department because of Moms restrictions. On top of that, I was too shy to date in Senior School. Mabel and Lolita had hot boyfriends from Primrose Senior School and I had none. Sometimes I blamed my mom for not letting me try out with a guy so that Id know what kissing a guy felt like, even a guys touch alone, thats what I yearned for. Being able to feel those numb places in my body that were yet to be touched or kissed.

It was my first time seeing people having sex in real life, I wasn imagining but seeing how they were getting wild and exploding. The only time I had seen people have sex was on porn and it looked fake. Seeing Fox having his way with Mom was something new to me. I decided not to watch anymore and when I stepped back again, I bumped into the hall table making a thud noise. I gasp and scamper to my room.

I closed the door behind me and leaned against the wall to catch some breath. ”That was so close! ” I muttered under my breath. I heard the echoes Macy, our cat purring down the hallway and then moms voice confirming that it was Macy playing around. For sure I gave Macy the credit for saving my ass from deep trouble.


After taking a few bites of an apple, Fox stood up to leave from the dining table.

”Leaving soon? ” Mom asked him.

”Got to be somewhere, its urgent. ”

It really was urgent because he kept fiddling the phone in his hands. Having heard that, Mom stood up and slightly spanked his butts signaling him to follow her. How shameless she was! They moved further and they were now standing at the threshold, mom took his hand and slapped it with a parcel. That must be a lot of cash. I thought.

Fox smiled fondly at her and she pinched his cheeks like a mom would do to her child. Was it because he was old enough to be her son or my brother? Mom was unpredictable sometimes. She gave him one lasting kiss on the lips and watched him leave. She came back inside giggling like a teenager and when I gave her an empty look, she frowned.

”Did you see what you weren supposed to see? I wonder if Macy would bang the table so loud. Shes tiny, isn she? ” She grabbed my chin forcibly hurting me with her long nails. Lobelia popped her eyes in disbelief and chose to look away. They could only give me those sympathizing looks unable to rescue me, that could only mean getting fired and I wasn ready to see one of the five leaving the mansion. They were much like my big sisters. At least I had someone to look up to.

”What are you insinuating mom? ” I tried to defend myself.

”Are you simply asking me such, huh? ” She hit me hard across the face causing some blood to gush out from my gums. She didn give a darn about hurting me again and again. That was the torture I went through when I wasn in school. All my weekends had to be dramatic and traumatic. She blamed me for everything going wrong in her life and if I dared to roll down even a single tear, shed laugh and say I deserved more than that. Several slaps and punches would follow afterwards leaving me sore and broken.

I don know the amount of tears have been shedding for the past two years since Dad left us. Sobbing and whimpering every night wishing for the ground to open and swallow me whole. There was always peace beyond the universe. People believed that when a person died, his or her soul resided in heaven and not six feet under. Is was so simple to take ones life but I didn have the guts to. I still had a long way to go. Before thinking of going to heaven, I had to fulfill all the wishes on my bucket list. I needed to add some value and meaning to my wretched life.

Tears cascaded down my swollen cheeks as she went to the mini bar to get a bottle of whiskey. The war was far from over, it had just started and there was no going back. What Marcela wanted was what she got. She gulped down the whiskey and cursed out when its sharp taste spiked her up even though she wasn a newbie to such. Theres no brand of gin, whiskey and wine my mom had not taken. She acted like the owner knowing the chemistry behind every alcoholic drink.

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