My Mother’s Hot Boy Toy

In my mother\'s bosom

I looked at his direction and our eyes met for a brief moment. His gaze was intimidating and I couldn comprehend why I couldn stop staring at him. He had this bewitching and menacing smile whenever he lighted up and the way he pursed his thin pink lips made him look seductive, a sex god for that matter.

”How do you find my daughter? ” Mom asked all of a sudden making him clear his throat as if he had been caught cheating. I saw him play with the glass of juice in his hands and definitely knew he was caught off guard.

”Charming I guess. Shes much like you….I mean beautiful as you. ” He knitted his brows as he pretended to drink up.

”Really? ” Mom was astounded, I don know if it was in a good way or a bad one because of her light laughing.

”I guess Im privileged to be sitting with the most beautiful ladies in the world. ” He added.

That was an overstatement because he himself didn know what he was saying. That was the problem of getting caught in the middle. With his guesses Id believe he was just saying it because there was no otherwise.

”Oh my bad, I forgot to introduce this sweet boy over here to you honey, hes fox by the way. Fox, this is my daughter Azora. ”

My mom was acting nice again. Wasn she tired trying to put on a show? It sulked, it really did. What was the use of all that when after that would be mockery, wailing and beatings?

Fox nodded when mom introduced me to him. Then there was pin-drop silence and we continued eating. I gulped down my milk and took a fork to pick up the hotdog. I felt uneasy because Fox was staring at me intently even without me looking at him. I could feel his gaze whenever I lifted the fork, stuffing the hotdog into my mouth. I wish Id shout out loud for him to stop because it only meant trouble.

Finally! I was done eating and so were the two of them. The maids came to clear the table and I excused myself to leave. I walked to the backyard where the orchard and the pool were displayed. It was still chilly and I couldn dive into the pool so I rested on the hammock to surf the net. I tapped my phone and opened my Instagram page. I hadn posted much in two weeks and it never bothered me unlike Mabel and Lolita who were desperate to reach over a million followers on their insta.

I suddenly thought about searching for Fox, perhaps stalk his insta and see what kind of guy he was. Oops! It was all in vain because all the Fox names I searched, none of them were him. Who the heck was he? I wondered but then brushed away the silly thoughts from my mind. Why did I care? He was mothers puppet for heavens sake!

I switched to TikTok and watched funny clips and then getting more bored I took my headphones to listen to Kyle Humes Album, he was my favorite artist. Life was better and peaceful without having to stick around my mother and her hookups.

I closed my eyes and let the cool music scoop me to sleep. I was unaware of what was going on in the surrounding. Something made me open my eyes but what was it? There was no one else in the backyard and so what was it?

I found my answer when I looked up, he was there, Fox. He stood by my moms window. He couldn stop staring at me and I chuckled inwardly. I pretended to be engrossed in my phone when I saw mom in a purple lingerie.

It was obvious they were going to make those ambiguous sounds they called moans and groans. I couldn bare this and so I quickly looked up and saw mom putting her hands around his neck, it disgusted me. I scurried to the kitchen and maybe join the maids gossip club. There were five maids and all of them were young, in mid-twenties. I loved their little gossips, it was all about sex, relationship and men.

”Heey! See who decided to join, welcome babes. In fact, you
e right on time…. Lobelia chortled.

For what? I asked.

”Alexa had her first time, yee! ” Akira snapped her fingers in joy.

”Wow! That was so fast. What happened to the playing hard to get girl who wouldn let her guard down for any man, be it rich or poor, huh? ”

”Well, that girl grew up. You know I had to pull a first one because some other girl was stuck in his webchat and couldn stop wooing him. ”

Alexa expressed her worries and we all burst out laughing.

”Will you cut it out! You
e not helping at all. At least I got someone to remove those cobwebs down there. It was good, saying good is underated, in fact, it was so much good. I moaned helplessly because he was rendering me…. ”

”Speechless!! ” We chorused.

”Spare us the other details. I have heard enough gist. ” Masha waved her hands in dismissal.

”Some of us can get wet and you know how it sulks to touch yourself when theres no man to salvage your horniness. ” Amal confessed.

I covered my mouth because I didn want to laugh. Amal was always sentimental and we all understood her. She was still pure, she had to because her religion forbade the infatuation stuff. She was a Muslim but not like the others who followed rules to the letter. She was modern and bashful but more fragile.

”What about you? ” Alexa directed the question to me. I read everyones face and I could tell that they were eager to know about my love life of which I didn have any.

”Nothing much you know me and this house…. always stuck in the Library. ”

”Right. ” Amal nodded.

They were aware that I wasn allowed to have a boyfriend and moms constant warnings about fooling around. My peaches were still fresh just like Amal. My life was an open book to them because they were always in the house.

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