I was deep in sleep when the door squeaked, of course, it was mom. I waited for her to remove the quilt covering my ass and start yelling at me but that wasn coming. Was I dreaming? I subconsciously opened my eye lids only to see a tall figure leaning against the door. My sight was still blurry so I rubbed my eyes fully open and I almost freaked out when I saw a handsome tall guy smiling sheepishly or so I thought.

Jeez! Is he an Alpha perhaps? Why would someone look this drop dead gorgeous early this morning? ” I muttered under my breath.

Without a shirt on, I could see his torn flesh, clear-cut and precise body features. The way his six-pack abs aligned on his firm and fine torso made my knees ache. His khaki shorts was literally below his pelvic bone and I wondered how his prized possession looked like. For sure I wasn dreaming at all.

I peered at him intently and boom! I felt my breath hitching, my cheeks heating up and my ears blazing. His facial features were quite appealing, a perfect jawline and no rough stubble. I could tell that he was in his early twenties.

Before I could find my mouth to speak, someone stood behind him. I could feel her burning gaze and maybe discontent written all over her face. She always saw me as a competition when I actually didn know what was happening. For a second, I thought shed skin me alive but she couldn dare hurt me in her visitors presence. All her estranged men never knew the pain she inflicted on me when they did extend a warm gesture in her presence. Shed beat me afterwards demanding me to stay away from her men.

A cold aura filled the room and so I decided to get up from bed to avoid baseless accusations from my so called mother. I didn think she deserved that tittle but what choice did I have. After Dad left us for his mistress, my mother drowned her misery in alcohol and men. It was the only way shed feel enough for all the men who wanted to warm her bed, some for money because she had lots of it and some for pure pleasure. She was still in her early forties, still beautiful enough to get a man in her bosom, something Dad couldn appreciate. Sometimes I questioned myself why the heck a grown up man would choose a mere call girl over his own family. We had something beautiful, Mom and Dad loved each other and I was happy for them. I didn know why he suddenly left, without goodbye.

After that, series of misfortunes followed. That was the aftermath of my fathers affair with another woman. My mother became a drunken stupor and so insensitive towards me. I was still a minor and I didn deserve any of her drama and so I wished Id leave home, but go where? We were rich, living in the most exquisite Des Res but that wasn it. After Dad packed and left, mom stopped giving me my daily allowances depriving me of my rights. She even took away the black card Dad gave me on my sixteenth birthday. Now I could no longer hang out with Lolita and Mabel, my friends or so I believed. They knew what I was going through but snubbed me most of the times when I needed them to be there for me. They would give me all sorts of excuses to make up for all their shortcomings but I knew they didn want me in their lives anymore. Who wouldn want to hang out with a messed up teen provided that her mother was alcoholic, her Dad, a womanizer and me, a confused gecko just like a marshmallow.

”Squishy, lets get downstairs for breakfast. ” She traced her fingers on his collarbone while stealing glances at me. Did she think I was after his boy toy?

”Mhmm! ” I heard him grunt.

”Get down after washing up. ” Thats all she said.

When the door finally closed, I sighed loudly trying to calm my nerves. How long had I been holding my breath? Gosh! I was done, totally done! Enough of Moms b**sh*t!

Staring myself at the mirror, I tried to ignore the small red dot on my forehead and chin. That only meant one thing, my menses were coming soon and it would be hell. I hated the menstrual cramps and how my moods would change from time to time.

I stared at the hazel-eyed girl looking back at me trying to find something remotely beautiful about myself. Before heading downstairs, I brushed my dark brown wavy hair and tied it into a neat ponytail.

Getting to the large dining table, the maids were already done with the serving and practically in the kitchen doing some cleaning. I didn want to eat on the same table with her and her new lover, Id rather take my milk on the kitchen counter and maybe have a little chat with the maids. I loved their company and there were my solace place whenever mom scolded me.

I took a few steps towards the kitchen only to be called back.

”Honey, please sit down. ” I couldn believe she was acting nice all of a sudden. Well, that wasn new to me because thats how generous she was in front of everyone else and not to her own bound of flesh. She was putting on an act as usual probably not to embarrass herself. She had quite a reputation to keep and couldn afford to mess up.

”Ummm…can I get my milk. Ill join you shortly. I responded in the most polite way. I was paying back her newfound gentleness towards me. What I came to learn was that I had to be skeptical, sophisticated and timid like she was, in the presence of her lovers even though itd cost me afterwards.

”I can have Lobelia bring it for you. Just have a sit, please. ” She faked a smile which faded in a split of a second.

”Okay. ” I mumbled and pulled a chair opposite to them. All that while I could feel a pair of eyes watching me. I snorted inwardly and composed myself once settled on the table.

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