My Mother’s Hot Boy Toy

Desire, Money & S*x

”Are you stalking me now? Just because I have a crush on you doesn mean you have to follow me everywhere like a prick. You gotta a life to live, don you? ” I wouldn mind choosing my words carefully when it came to him. I don know why I was daring enough to annoy him.

”FYI, I work here and I happened to see you wasting yourself….you can handle alcohol. This place is no good for children like you. ”

Did he actually call me a child? Oh gosh! I wasn going to back down and watch him call me names. I could handle myself or so I thought.

e a child as well, always obeying my mom…. playing by her rules obviously. Man up for **s sake! She controls your dick, doesn she? ”

”Don ! ” He suddenly grabbed my arm.

”Ouch! Let go, you
e hurting me! ” I hissed in pain but he stared at me blankly. ”You shouldn have come here. Look at what you
e doing now, just let go. ”

As if my pleading wasn enough, he began twisting my arm and I squealed more.

”If you don stop flinching I might as well as consider kissing you. I don know why I didn make a move on you the last time when I had the chance. I kept you waiting so now that the chance has availed itself, where do you want to start from? ”

I watched him lick his lips seductively while giving me that stare like kiss me hard, make me feel it tomorrow. Well, it wasn that bad to kiss him. I had been longing to do so but what if I couldn match to his pace?

”I think we should get a room. ” He whispered sending wild tremors down my spine. We were just metres away and I could feel his minty breath on my neck everytime he said something.


Everything happened so fast, one minute we were scolding each other in the garden and the next thing I know, we were in a room and the lights were so dim but I could see his cute face. He shifted closer caressing my cheeks. My breath hitched when his hands accidentally rubbed on my hard nipples that could be seen from my revealing outfit. He clearly did it on purpose.

”Why did you have to wear this? I want to rip it off and take you here. You don know how I have been wanting to screw you, know how you taste. Im completely losing my sanity, Azora. ”

At that moment, we were both helpless, wanting each other like never before. Fox held my face close laying soft kisses on my neck….I shivered.

”Your vanilla scent… ” He kissed my jawline inhaling every ounce of my sweet smell. He kissed my cheeks then went in for the chase. He gently locked my lips with his and I didn protest because my core was already throbbing for his touch. In simple math, I was awfully horny.

He massaged my hair as he let his tongue slide in. I couldn remember the last time I felt butterflies like this. He tasted like mint. I finally let my guard down as I laid my small hand on his broad chest. There was clearly something and both of us felt it. Before we knew it, we were carried away. I laid on the couch and he hovered over me. His chaste kisses on my nape. It was my sweet spot, right below my ear. He nibbled it and I moaned. He outlined my breasts with both his hands and I knew he loved how perky and pointy they were.

”Ahhh! I moaned as he rubbed his hard on in between my thighs that were now open so he could hover over me. He continued giving me soothing kisses while he pressed his bulge on my lace panties. His left hand made its way to my panties. I was breathless when he put his thumb pressed on my pearl, so wet that he started pumping into my core while kissing me. My vulva was throbbing with need as he let his teeth graze on my neck, leaving love bites.

His finger teased my clit continuously, earning a reaction from me. He suddenly thrusted two fingers into my core and I arched my back, throwing my head back with pleasure.

”Ahhh! ” I moaned.

”Say my name, ” he pressed his lips onto my parted lips.

”Fox…Fox! ”

”Yes, baby. ” He continued to pump his two long fingers in my wet vulva. His length twitched in his pants wanting more attention, but he wanted to satisfy me first.

His pace was now faster and my breath hitched. It was incredible, so much good and I never thought he was this awesome…a ten in bed. No wonder mom chose to keep him longer than the other psychos she had brought home. At that point, I didn care if the world came to know that mom and I shared a guy. Like mother like daughter, that would be most common phrase theyd use. Nothing mattered to me now than having my first cum with my crush.

”Open your eyes, Azora. ” I opened them instantly and I knew I was about to climax and he knew it. He continued thrusting deep inside the core while still rubbing on my throbbing clit with his thumb. I was so so so moist and with one final stroke, I reached my climax. I let out a satisfied sigh of breath and his blue ocean eyes stared into my hazel eyes.

We made eye contact, still in each others arms, none of us moving. I was about to move when the sound of keys and the door abruptly opened. We both stood up from our awkward position. I hastily wrapped a sheet around my body.

I knew the girl who was walking in, it was Maxine, the host and that was her room.

”Im so sorry if we made our way to this room, I know we shouldn have…. ” I slurred in my speech not sure of what I was saying.

”Of course you are, did he tell you that Im his girlfriend? That we have been **ing for one month now, huh? Am I right Daven? ”

Maxine took a few steps towards Fox and lifted his chin.

”So your name is not Fox! ” I shrilled.

”Did he actually tell you hes called Fox? So I shouldn have underestimated you in the first place huh? You bloody liar! ” She hit him hard across the face.

I covered my mouth dumbfounded because I didn expect any of that. Like one time he was there finger **ing me and then the next, hes being slapped by Maxine, Mashas friend.

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