Both Shame and Shopping.


“Mmm… I’m having trouble deciding which one to choose.”

“Indeed, with so many options, it’s easy to get lost.”

Mio, who had fully turned on her shopping switch, placed her hand on her well-shaped chin and looked at a certain product.

That product was pre-cut vegetables.
There were so many, like coleslaw, green and yellow vegetable mix, daikon mix, and more that she couldn’t count them all with one hand.

These days, there are convenient vegetables that can be eaten without washing them.

“While it’s true that fresh vegetables are more nutritious, I just can’t help but rely on this convenience,” she said without looking away from the products.
She seemed to be seriously considering which one to choose.

“Do you like vegetables, Mio-san?”

How about you, Toma-kun?”

“I don’t eat them often, to be honest… I tend to prioritize meat over vegetables.”

As he gave his answer,


Toma, who had eagerly taken on the role of carrying the basket, put lettuce mix and daikon mix in it.

Mio, who had apparently finished choosing her pre-cut vegetables, pouted slightly in dissatisfaction.

“Mou… It’s very manly of you, but not eating vegetables is bad for your health, you know? You need to strive for a balanced diet from a young age.”

“Hahaha… My mom tells me the same thing.”

“Well, if I were your mom, I’d make you eat them even if I had to force you.”

Although he understands that it’s not good, when his favorite foods are presented to him, Toma tends to put aside the vegetables he dislikes.
No, it’s more accurate to say that he eats only his favorite foods and gets full, so he doesn’t end up eating any vegetables.

“By the way, did you know that by consuming salads with raw vegetables as the main ingredient, you can prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar? It’s a bit strange that just by changing the order in which you eat the same amount of nutrients, you can slow down the increase in postprandial blood sugar, don’t you think?”

Mio, who was able to use the word “consumption” appropriately, seems to have studied hard, and she enthusiastically teaches Toma with a bit of pride.

“As expected of a future nurse.
I know nothing about that field, so I learned something from you.”

“Heheh, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Suddenly, Toma fell silent.

“W-What’s wrong, Toma-kun?”

“A-Ah… I just thought that Mio-san, you would make a wonderful wife.
I envy your future husband.”


Unconsciously, Toma simply said what was on his mind.
However, for Mio, those were not words she could ignore.

“……T-That’s… You say that to everyone, don’t you, Toma-kun…”

Mio said in a small voice, turning her face downwards.

“N-No, that’s not true.
I just honestly thought that way myself.”

“……Toma-kun, you should really fix that about yourself.
You’ll make a mistake and misunderstand if you keep being like this… “

“Misunderstand…? What do you mean?”

Touma tilted his head, furrowing his brow as if he didn’t understand the meaning.
That’s why he could say lines like “You’ll make a great wife” …

(This is dangerous.
Extremely dangerous…)

Mio thought from the bottom of her heart.

If Toma said that to another woman, she might feel that he had feelings for her.
If that happened, the woman might start to pay attention to Touma…

“… Toma-kun.”


She couldn’t let him create any enemies.
She had to eliminate that possibility in advance…

Mio made a small fist to show her determination.

“That’s why you’ll make a wonderful husband, Touma-kun.”


And she said it.
Like Toma, without realizing…with courage…

“You’re thoughtful, kind, and you even put up with my selfishness, making time for us to be together.
There’s no way someone like you wouldn’t make a good husband.”

“H-Hold on… M-Mio-san…”

Toma was starting to lose his composure.
Mio thought this was her chance to push a little harder.

“I want a husband like that.
Of course, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants a husband like that, right, Toma-kun?”

“I-I understand now… I’m sorry about earlier…”

“That ‘I understand’ is in response to what I said, right?”


“In that case, you can’t say it to any other woman, okay? Got it?”


Toma gave a shy reply.
He seemed to have finally realized that he might have given off the wrong impression.


If Toma had understood her, it was the best outcome she could have hoped for.
Overwhelmed with joy, Mio secretly swung her arm in celebration.

“ーーTo think that you have such thoughts about me…”


“You’re thoughtful, kind, and you even put up with my selfishness, making time for us to be together.
There’s no way someone like you wouldn’t make a good husband.”

This was Mio’s true feelings.
She had unintentionally conveyed her honest thoughts that she would never normally say.

“Stupid Toma-kun…you…tricked me…”

“H-How could that be!? “

Silence fell between them.

“Please forget about it…the thing that happened earlier…”

“I-I’ll try my best…”

Silence continued to engulf them.
A burning embarrassment overtook them both… Toma and Mio spent some time together but couldn’t face each other for a while…

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