I walk into my apartment, exhausted. My job forced me into a double again. I drop my keys onto the end table and plop on the couch. I turn on the TV and flip through the channels. I stop at the local news, and they
e covering the disappearances of two young women. They say they disappeared without a trace and have no reason to leave their lives behind. Its like they just dropped off the face of the Earth.

I flip through them some more and pull the couch blanket over me. Its softness lulls me to sleep in almost no time.

I wake up to the sound of birds in the trees. Once my eyes adjust, I look around. Im in the middle of some kind of forest surrounded by trees. It seems like its the middle of the day, and theres no sign of people.

How did I get here? Did I sleepwalk?

I shake my head; I don sleepwalk. I pinch my arm to see if this is a dream. ”Ow. ” Its not. I stand up and start walking towards a faint sound of water. ”Hello? Is anyone there? ” I call out.

Theres no answer.

After walking for an eternity, my feet start to ache. Must not be long since I worked. As I press on, I find a lake with sparkling blue water. Ive never seen water so clear and beautiful. I bend down and dip my fingers into the water, its cold. I wonder if its fed through an underwater spring.

I take a long cool sip of the water. As I look up, I see a young man in the water. He might even be the same age as I am, but he has short spikey gray hair. Scars cover his back, glowing against his dark skin.

It takes me a moment to realize that he is naked and bathing in the water. I quietly move away as fast as I can, hiding behind a tree. My heart races, and it feels impossible to breathe. Did I just see a naked man? For the first time? I take a few deep breaths and peek out from behind the tree.

The lake is empty.

”I don like being spied on. ” A deep husky voice says from behind me.

As if on auto-pilot I scream in terror.

He turns me around and lifts my chin. ”Id never hurt a female, theres no need to be afraid. ” He comes close and sniffs me.

I push him off. ”Ew! Don sniff me, you pervert! ” My heart races as he looks me up and down.

”Weirdo? ” He asks. ”What clan are you from? ”

”What do you mean clan? Where the Hell am I? ”

He grabs my shoulder tightly. ”Hm. ” Holding me in place he sniffs me again. His breath grazed the nape of my neck.

I get goosebumps from his touch.

Something catches my eye and as I look up at it, I notice their wolf ears on top of his head. They
e just as gray as his hair with a small amount of white fluff inside.

I snap out of my trance and find him staring at me with dark gray eyes.

Hes very handsome for as young as he looks.

I feel my cheeks heat up just as our eyes lock. I notice another scar just across his face. Its small and crosses over his right eye.

”I don know what clan you
e from. You smell different from others. ”

”Thats concerning. ”

”Where are your spouses? ” He looks around, then back at me.

”Spouses? ” I ask confused.

”Do you know anything? ” He asks irritated.

I take a step back, looking for an escape route.

He grips my wrist harder and yanks me toward him.

I lose my balance and my hand touches something unfamiliar to me. I think it was his leg. I regain my composure and almost stand right up. I look up and see his hing right in front of me. My whole body freezes and my heart skips a beat. ”You
e uh, naked, ” I whisper.

”You do remember that you interrupted my bath right? ”

”Right. ” I right myself and look away from his gaze. How could I not realize that he was naked? Am I even okay with that? My mind races with over a thousand thoughts and questions. No answers in sight anywhere.

He sighs heavily. ”Im not leaving you out here by yourself. You
e coming with me. ” His body changes from human to wolf. His wolf form is huge, his fur is gray just like his hair. His gaze meets mine and he gestures for me to hop onto his back.

Reluctantly I climb onto him. His fur is soft, almost like my blanket at home.

He moves slowly at first and then runs faster than the wind.

He slows down to a stop as we come to a small village.

Everyone looks at us as we walk by. They whisper amongst themselves and stare.

”Who is she? ”

”Damien has a mate now? ”

”Shes beautiful. ”

Damien, I like that name. ”Why are they whispering? ” I whisper to him.

He huffs. ”Its a village, they all talk. ” He doesn seem to be comfortable with the subject.

”Okay, I won push it. ” I sink into his soft fur as low as I can.

”Well, well, is that my sweet Damien? Are you finally going to mate with me? ”

I look up and see a tall dark blonde woman standing in front of us.

”No. ” He pushes past her, clearly irritated.

She huffs. ”No one says no to me for long. You will come crawling back to me. Begging to mate with me. ”

”I don care, just leave me alone. ”

We leave the village and come to a large cave.

”Here. ” He changes back to his human form, holding me close. He takes me inside the cave and sets me down on a smooth rock. ”Ill be right back, we need to make a fire. ”

”Okay, would you like some help? ”

He shakes his head. ”No, youll only

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