e of you.”

Cheng Qing sighed and extended her arms to show Luo Xi that she was perfectly fine, “I’m not hurting, see?”

Luo Xi stared at her uninjured arms for a while before she let out a determined “hmph!” and turned to Cheng Qing.
Her expression was serious as she spoke earnestly, “You’re clearly in pain.”

Cheng Qing chuckled, knowing it was futile to argue with Luo Xi, “Okay, okay, it does hurt a bit,” she admitted and patted the seat beside her, motioning for Luo Xi to sit down, “Here, come sit with me.”

Luo Xi’s face lit up with a grin as she happily settled next to Cheng Qing.

A few seconds later, Liu Suoyu and Lin Shandie saw them sitting together and eagerly joined in.
They claimed they were also part of the fencing team as a reason to sit there.
Zhang Lingling and Zhou Yong, who came in later, also sat with the fencing group but on the opposite side of the table.

Once everyone had found their seats, Kong Mingyan signaled for the waiter and began ordering dishes.

He passed around the menu, encouraging everyone to add their own choices, “Feel free to add anything else you want,” he said with a smile.

Everyone wasn’t polite and didn’t hold back, so by the time the menu was passed to Luo Xi, many dishes had already been ordered.
Only Zhang Lingling and Zhou Yong didn’t order any additional dishes because they felt they were not qualified.

Luo Xi thought that Cheng Qing was also an amateur, and knowing her personality, she was sure to be polite.
She looked at Cheng Qing and asked, “What do you feel like eating?” while holding the menu.

Cheng Qing declined with a gentle shake of her head, “I’m okay, we ordered enough already.”

Luo Xi made a pouty face and insisted, “Come on, don’t be shy.
Director Kong’s got deep pockets, let’s order more.”

Cheng Qing was speechless, while Kong Mingyan quickly interrupted, “Uh, actually, I’m not that rich.”

Luo Xi playfully stuck her tongue out at him, “It’s okay, you’re a big director with a big heart.”

Kong Mingyan’s face fell as he realized he couldn’t refuse their demands any longer.
He looked like he was about to go broke.
With a drained expression, he turned to Cheng Qing and forced a smile for the camera.
“Go ahead, order whatever you like,” he said, resigned to his fate.

Cheng Qing laughed at Kong Mingyan’s encouragement and faced Luo Xi.
She took a quick look at the menu and eventually conceded, saying, “Alright, help me order an eggplant dish!”

Luo Xi’s face lit up with excitement, “You like eggplant?” she asked.

Cheng Qing smiled softly and nodded, “Yes, I do like eggplant.”

Luo Xi’s grin widened as she eagerly scanned through the menu and ordered not one, not two, but three different eggplant dishes; stir-fried, fish-flavored, and dry pot.

Cheng Qing was taken aback by the excessive amount of food and tried to refuse, “Uh, that might be too much…” But when Luo Xi looked at her with an expectant expression, as if anticipating praise for taking the order, Cheng Qing paused for a moment before giving in, “Alright, let’s go with your picks.
Thanks, Luo Xi.”

Luo Xi beamed with satisfaction and proudly said, “No need for thanks~!”

On the other hand, Kong Mingyan was at a loss for words: Hey, I’m the one who’s paying for the food! Thank me instead!!!

After the waiters collected the menus, Luo Xi rested her chin on her hands and waited for the food to arrive.

Earlier that morning, the celebrities had woken up at the crack of dawn to compete in several matches at the beach and had only been able to drink milk for breakfast.
As a result, they were all feeling quite hungry.

After a moment of time, the dishes started to arrive in a fashionable order, each dish being meticulously plated and presented with an exquisite flair.
The fragrant aroma of the dishes filled the room, intensifying everyone’s hunger.

When the plates of food were all placed in front of the celebrities, they eagerly picked up their chopsticks ready to dig in.
However, as Cheng Qing reached for her chopsticks, Luo Xi quickly stopped her.
“Let me help you,” she said, “You’re injured.”

Cheng Qing looked dumbfounded as her hand hovered over the chopsticks, “I’m not that injured,” she said, feeling helpless.
She was perfectly capable of using chopsticks.

But Luo Xi was insistent, and when Cheng Qing saw the puppy-dog expression on her face, she couldn’t resist and agreed, “Alright, fine, you can pick some eggplant for me.”

Luo Xi’s face lit up with pure excitement.
“Okay!” she exclaimed as she eagerly scanned the dishes for the perfect eggplant.

Cheng Qing couldn’t help but be amused by Luo Xi’s enthusiastic reaction and let out a small chuckle.
She leaned her chin on one hand, watching her with a fond expression.

As Luo Xi searched for the tastiest eggplant, a sudden concern crossed Cheng Qing’s mind.
She turned to Lin Shandie and whispered, “If the fans see this, will they try to find out more about me?”

Lin Shandie shook her head and reassured Cheng Qing, “I think you’re overthinking it.” She patted her on the shoulder and sighed at her denseness.

‘Even my agent has secretly contacted me about the increasing number of your CP fans reaching almost one million.
You and Luo Xi are about to break the record for the fastest to reach one million CP fans, how could you be afraid of being exposed? Besides, we don’t even know if this segment has been aired yet, so there’s no need to anticipate anything.
Perhaps the fans of the CP are looking forward to it for the Lunar New Year.’

Cheng Qing, however, still couldn’t shake off her fear as she recalled her past life where fans turned on their idols for seemingly minor reasons.

If Luo Xi’s fans saw her being served by their beloved idol, she could be at risk of being doxxed or attacked online.

The thought alone was enough to send shivers down her spine! (°^°|||)

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