said, her voice calm and without any hesitation.

“But it’s going to go in!” Luo Xi replied anxiously.

Cheng Qing smiled reassuringly and said, “It’s okay, the ball won’t go in.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the ball landed outside of the blue boundary line. 

Out of bounds!

Luo Xi turned her head in surprise and looked at Cheng Qing. 

Under the warm sun, the cotton-white clouds filtered the sunlight, casting a gentle, silver halo around Cheng Qing’s figure.
Her black hair formed a graceful arc behind her as she tilted her head and smiled. 

Withdrawing her hand that was holding onto Luo Xi’s waist, she gently said, “Don’t be in such a hurry.” 

Her voice was like a mountain stream, calming Luo Xi’s anxiety. 

A broad smile spread across Luo Xi’s face, making her skin glow in the sunshine and her eyes sparkle like clear water.

She followed closely behind Cheng Qing and asked excitedly, “How did you know the ball would be out?”

Cheng Qing chuckled and turned to her, “Depth perception is very important in fencing.”

In fencing competitions, the size of the field is limited, and every step taken must be precise. 

Knowing the exact distance between herself and her opponent is essential for avoiding their attacks and launching her own. 

It’s an instinct developed from years and years of practice.

“Though…” Cheng Qing stretched her arms and said, “I’ve also played volleyball with others before, and relatively speaking, I feel that I am stronger than Feng Qiuyi, so…” Turning her head to look at Luo Xi, her gentle eyes exuded a comforting softness, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you win,” she said with a smile.

Luo Xi lightly giggled to herself and looked up at Cheng Qing with an admiring look, “Yes, I believe in you.”

Upon being looked at with such an admiring gaze, Cheng Qing was momentarily stunned.
For some reason, she felt a huge amount of pressure, as she knew the fencing team would be serving next.

Cheng Qing walked behind the line and got into position, her serving form was much more standard than Feng Qiuyi’s. 

The whistle sounded, and Cheng Qing steadied the ball in her hand before tossing it into the air.

Her eyes suddenly became sharp, and she leaped into the air at the right moment, spiking the ball with all her might toward the opponent’s court.

The ball sliced through the air like a rocket, immediately capturing the attention of everyone in the vicinity and the viewers in the live broadcast room. [1]

The director, however, was still ruthless and cut off the live broadcast at that moment.
He didn’t care that the audience in the broadcast cursed him as he watched the game seriously.

After the ball flew over the net, the four people on the opposite side saw the direction of the ball heading straight toward Ye Lingyun.

Ye Lingyun was the weak point of the dessert team, and Feng Qiuyi and Li Mingyao hurriedly sprinted over trying to get to the ball. 

However, Cheng Qing had aimed for the middle of the court, right in front of Ye Lingyun. 

Ye Lingyun wasn’t able to receive it, and Feng Qiuyi and Li Mingyao weren’t able to get to the ball in time. 

With a resounding thud, the ball collided with the sand, leaving a deep mark beside Ye Lingyun’s foot. 

Cheng Qing successfully scored a point and smiled smugly as she twisted her neck.
She had been watching TV all morning and didn’t move much, so her neck was a bit stiff.

After a moment of stunned silence from the fencing team, cheers broke out.
Even Luo Xi couldn’t help but jump up and down when she saw their team score a point.

“Ahhh, we won!!!! We won! We won!” Even though it was just a small game, she was as happy as a child, and her face lit up with a smile like a blooming peach blossom, brilliant and beautiful.

“Qingqing!!!” Unable to restrain herself, she rushed over to hug Cheng Qing.

Luo Xi was jumping and spinning with excitement as her arms were wrapped around Cheng Qing’s neck.

It was a bad habit of hers to always hug Cheng Qing whenever she got excited, but she was already used to it. 

Cheng Qing caught her firmly this time and asked with a smile in Luo Xi’s ear, “Are you happy?”

“Very happy!” Luo Xi exclaimed eagerly.

Cheng Qing smiled and looked at Liu Suoyu and Lin Shandie, “Now, it’s time for the fencing team to counterattack.”

Liu Suoyu raised his hand, “Yes!”

Lin Shandie also raised her hand, “Yes!”

Luo Xi also raised her hand happily, “Yes!”

Cheng Qing shook her head with a helpless smile.
Although it was just a game, since everyone was so happy, she would do her best to win this match.

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