In the villa, three teachers sat together watching TV, completely oblivious to the high ratings from yesterday’s episode of “Best Partner.” 

Little did they know, as today’s live broadcast began, the number of viewers had multiplied many times over, all eager to see Cheng Qing and Luo Xi. 

They were even more unaware that the live camera was aimed at them, or rather at Cheng Qing.

Meanwhile, the three teachers remained blissfully unaware, simply enjoying their day of leisure.

While they were engrossed in watching TV, Zhang Lingling suddenly looked at her watch and asked, “Do you remember how long we were supposed to be recording for when we signed the contract?” 

Cheng Qing was caught off guard and tried to remember, “The director’s team reached out to me first, and we talked about a recording period of 2-3 weeks.” 

Zhang Lingling smiled, “That’s right, it was the same for me.”

Zhou Yong noted, “It’s almost time.
We’ve been here for five days already.
Initially, they said they would decide on the recording time according to the situation, but what kind of situation can an amateur have? In all likelihood, we’ll be recording for about two weeks.”

Zhou Yong didn’t think he had much screen time, and two weeks of practice should be enough.
The director group wouldn’t add more time just because several amateurs are here. 

From Zhou Yong’s perspective, it seems like they were brought here just to form a team for the celebrities, compete, and find a reasonable excuse.

On the other side of the couch, Cheng Qing, who didn’t know what to think, pondered for a moment and said, “Two weeks? That should be enough.”

According to the novel, the biggest conflict between Luo Xi and Ye Lingyun was that they both entered Zhang Lingling’s dessert team.
The more time the three of them spent together, the more the conflict accumulated.

That was why the first thing she did when she arrived here was to pull Luo Xi out of the dessert team, but now that the three of them weren’t on the same team, there shouldn’t be any problems.

At least during the week she’s been in the program, there seems to have been no conflict between the three.

The comments were momentarily stunned when they heard their words.

【What! Is Teacher Cheng leaving???】

【…Could it be!】

【Ahhhhhhhh, I don’t want it, I want to see her with Luo Xi.】

【Don’t go!!! I won’t watch it without Cheng Qing!!!】

After discussing the contract, Zhang Lingling invited Cheng Qing to her shop for cake after the recording was finished. 

Cheng Qing was pleasantly surprised and gratefully thanked her. 

Zhou Yong, feeling left out, joked that he wasn’t handsome enough to receive an invitation, which caused Cheng Qing to burst out laughing.

Zhang Lingling was caught off guard by Zhou Yong’s comment but quickly reassured him that he was also invited. 

Cheng Qing looked out the window with a sigh, realizing that after the recording, both she and Zhang Lingling would go back to their ordinary lives. 

As for her role in Luo Xi’s life, she would become nothing more than a fleeting memory of her youth.

Little did Cheng Qing know, the comments on the bullet screen were going crazy as they talked about her leaving.


Kong Mingyan, who was at the beach, glanced at the overwhelming number of bullet comments and conceded, “Cheng Qing is really popular!”

Before his assistant could reply, a staff member approached them and announced, “The official Weibo account of ‘Eternal Promise’ now has over 900,000 followers!”

Kong Mingyan turned to him in surprise and asked, “Wasn’t it only 830,000 this morning?”

The crew member replied, “A popular blogger shared a video and drew a lot of attention to the show.”

Kong Mingyan’s face lit up, and he turned to his assistant, instructing, “Quickly, go to the villa and bring those three teachers here to record together!”

The assistant nodded, stifling a grin, and said, “I’ll ask the driver to head over.”


When Cheng Qing heard a knock on the living room door and opened it to see the driver, assistant director, and a camera pointed at her face, she felt a bit stunned. 

“Let’s go!” said the assistant director, smiling. 

Cheng Qing was taken aback and asked, “Go where?” 

The response was quick, “The beach! It’s not far, just a half-hour drive.” 

Cheng Qing was suddenly hesitant, “No, I…” She was just an ordinary person! 

Yesterday, the director’s team had already announced that today’s beach activity was a celebrity showdown and didn’t invite the three teachers. 

Cheng Qing and the other teachers understood and hadn’t prepared to go.

The assistant director flashed a smile and urged, “Come on, let’s go!”

Cheng Qing was caught off guard and asked, “But didn’t they say we have a day off today?”

The assistant director grinned and replied, “Yes, but you three are just chatting here.
The viewers in the live stream find it boring, and the fans keep crying and shouting for you to go to the beach.”

Cheng Qing was even more perplexed, “Live broadcast???!!!”

At the same time, Zhang Lingling and Zhou Yong shared the same bewilderment: “???”

The assistant director looked surprised and asked, “What? You didn’t know? This morning’s live broadcast was meant for you guys.”

Cheng Qing’s expression was as if thunder had struck on a clear day.
“No, no, aimed at us…why? Why would they focus on a group of ordinary people?”

The unexpected news shocked Cheng Qing, and the barrage of comments immediately burst into laughter.

【Hahaha, my poor Teacher Cheng, she’s scared silly.】

【From the beginning of the broadcast until now, this is the first time I’ve seen Teacher Cheng so at a loss.】

【Just…adorable! Hahahaha】

【Hahaha, how can she be so handsome when she’s being handsome, and so clueless when she’s being clueless!】

【The contrast is too great, I’m laughing so hard I’m splitting in two.】

Zhang Lingling and Zhou Yong: “……”


Luo Xi angrily wiped the sand off her face and shot a piercing glare at Li Mingyao and Ye Lingyun who stood across from her. 

She gritted her teeth in frustration, knowing that women were often at a disadvantage in beach volleyball matches against men. 

She couldn’t help but turn her head to Liu Suoyu and vent her frustration, “You’re a man too, and they have men on their side, how could you lose to them!”

Liu Suoyu let out a deep sigh and replied, “It’s not the same, we only have one man on our team while they have two! How can we compete with that?”

Immediately, Luo Xi turned her head and shouted towards the opposite side, “This is so unfair! Why do they have two men?”

Feng Qiuyi burst out laughing and responded, “Which guy would willingly join the dessert team? You’re complaining about unfairness now, but why didn’t you complain earlier?”

Luo Xi retorted, crossing her arms, “When we were choosing teachers, you guys didn’t want to choose Qingqing.
You can’t even make a cake yourselves, yet you blame the teacher.”

Feng Qiuyi threw the volleyball into the air to start the match and exclaimed, “Then let’s compete based on our individual skills.”

There were 12 celebrities present, each with their own unique abilities, and Feng Qiuyi was particularly interested in volleyball.

As Feng Qiuyi leaped into the air, he spiked the ball with tremendous force, causing a loud pop sound to echo across the beach. 

However, as he landed, he quickly realized that Luo Xi was not in a position to receive the ball and shouted to the other side, “Get out of the way!”

But Luo Xi shouted back, “Only a fool would dodge!”

Feng Qiuyi was speechless.

The ball flew straight toward Luo Xi, who stood frozen, unsure of what to do.
Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice behind her, softly chuckling and saying, “What a fool.”

Luo Xi was stunned but also delighted.
Before she could even turn her head to look, she felt someone grabbing her arm and pulling her to the side to avoid the ball.

The ball flew past Luo Xi’s ear, making a chilling sound as it cut through the air.

Luo Xi turned around to look at Cheng Qing, ignoring the ball that had fallen onto the ground.

Cheng Qing had already changed into the same team uniform as her, with her long hair tied into a ponytail.
Looking at Luo Xi, she showed a gentle smile and said, “Luo Xi, do you want me to avenge you?” her voice exuded confidence and boldness.

After a moment of surprise, Luo Xi couldn’t help but rush over and hug her with a bright smile, “Teacher!!!”

Upon being hugged by Luo Xi, Cheng Qing was momentarily surprised.
She softly rubbed Luo Xi’s head and asked, “What are you hugging me for? Let’s play volleyball!”

【Hahaha, I knew it, this blockhead.】

【Ahhh, as expected, every time they meet, it’s so sweet I can’t take it.】

【Hahaha, Luo Xi is so straightforward.】

【She was so arrogant just now, but as soon as Teacher Cheng arrived, she became so adorable.
What a schemer! But I like it, hahaha.】

Lin Shandie and Liu Suoyu also rushed over happily, “Teacher, you’re here! We’re going to win for sure!”

On the other side, Zhang Lingling and Zhou Yong, who had also returned to their teams, did not receive the same treatment as Cheng Qing.

They couldn’t help but sigh and think, why are people’s lives so different?

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