Chapter 16 Facing Problems (Part 2)


“Hmm, I can understand why it's difficult to recruit good people.
But would moving the office really solve the problem?”


Ja-hoon was worried that they were focusing too much on moving the office while ignoring other important issues.
It was a limitation of human experience in the year 1993.
Yi Geon, who knew the future processes, held his senior's hand as if to tell him not to worry.


“Don't worry, senior.
I believe it will solve a significant part of the problem.
Accessibility to high-quality personnel and a good work environment are most important.”


Your plans have always been a bit bizarre, but the results have been good so far.
I'll trust you this time.
I'll help you with the real estate part.”


“Thank you, I appreciate your help.”


“Wow, so are we moving to Gangnam now?”






“Wow, that's amazing.
Let's go to Bangbae-dong, then.”


“No, Apgujeong-dong is better.”


“Wouldn't Gangnam Station area be better?”


“Wait and see.
Our senior will help us, and we'll move to a good place.”


“I'm looking forward to it.”


Sang-il, Min-seok, Sang-du, and Dong-pal were all excited about the headquarters moving to Gangnam.
Two weeks later, the daily sales of tacos finally surpassed 100,000.
It was a crazy growth rate, and the daily revenue reached 50 million won, attracting the attention of food companies.




In the office of a food executive in Seoul.


“Is this the Mexican food called tacos? I heard it's selling like hotcakes in Gangseo-gu and Yeongdeungpo-gu.”


A man in a short-sleeved shirt stared at the taco set on his desk.
He was Kim Hee-seok, the sales director of Cheni, the number one bakery company in Korea.


“Yes, sir, it's so popular that it's hard to find.”


“Hmm, I wonder how it tastes.”


Taking a bite, Director Kim's expression stiffened.
It tasted better than he had imagined.


“How much does it cost?”


“It's sold for 500 won.”


“So it's more expensive than our Cheni bread.”


Their tasty cream bread, enough for a meal, cost between 200 and 300 won.
But the taco was priced at 500 won.
Of course, it was generously filled with meat and vegetables, but if processed in large quantities, the cost would be less than half of the price.


“Why didn't we know about this great item until now?”


Compared to food products with a margin of barely 8%, tacos had an enormous profit.
Selling tacos would bring in a huge profit for every sale.


“Well, since tacos are not our main product, bread, we didn't anticipate this.”


“It's surprisingly tasty for something made by a small company.
If they keep selling this delicious food, our bread sales in Seoul will plummet.
I can't believe we didn't notice this in our weekly sales analysis.


He couldn't criticize any further because it would be like spitting in his own face.


In the end, it was the responsibility of the sales director himself for not properly responding to the advance information.


“I'll have to report this to the CEO right away.”


“No, before that, Director Park, we're going to move forward with the business after our taco market research.
So, look into that taco company, what was it called, Taco Max? If there are any skilled production employees, try to bring them over.
We should try to shorten the time as much as possible.”


“Understood, sir.”


And so, the sales director of Cheny, Kim Hee-seok, began to catch the strong scent of money from the taco market.


Around the same time, the number two company, Sangrip Foods, was also starting a new business team to enter the taco market.


Unbeknownst to Yi Geon and Ja-hoon, summer vacation had arrived.


“Well, that concludes our lessons.
Don't just play around during the break; make sure you study as well, understood?”


At the end of the last class of the first semester, the homeroom teacher repeated a familiar admonition.


The students gave a soulless response.




“Alright, then.
See you when school starts again.


“Attention! Bow to the teacher.”




As the teacher left the classroom,


Thud thud thud~




The students shouted, hitting their desks with their palms.


“Wow, it's summer vacation.”


“This is awesome.”


“I'm going to Gangnam to have fun.
Damn, Gangnam is dead.”


“I'm going to Incheon to see the ocean.”


“I need to go out and have fun too.”


The students' faces lit up with the joy of the freedom brought by summer vacation.


In 1993, there wasn't a rush for private education like there was in the late 2020s.


Unlike in 2030, the ratio of internal exam scores wasn't that high for everyone except the seniors.


Everyone went all-in on the national college entrance exam.


Thanks to that, the atmosphere during high school vacations was quite relaxed, except for those aiming for top medical or law schools.


If they had acted like this in 2030, their lives would have been ruined, just like the webtoon characters who gave up on life.


For Yi Geon, who didn't put much importance on university during his second life, he naturally got swept up in the atmosphere.


'I'm already the owner of a company worth over 20 billion won.
Going to college is just a minor thing.
It's the golden era of 1993, a time that you can't buy with 10 trillion won, the most legendary period in Korean history.'


Yi Geon was carefree about things that weren't a priority.


Instead, during this golden era, he was excited to think about going out and having fun.


“Hey Yi Geon, what are you gonna do during the vacation?”


Sang-du playfully tapped Yi Geon's shoulder.


I'll work for four days straight, then hang out with my friends.”


Sang-du revealed a mischievous smile.


“Boy, we're gonna have some wild nights then.”


“Hey, aren't you gonna study every day?”




“Hey, stop hitting me on the back of the head.”


“I can't help it; your head is so round.”


“Damn it.”


At first, Yi Geon hit Sang-du's head because he didn't like the shuttle joke, but now he has become a personal sandbag for him.


As Sang-du scrunched his face, he was calculating how to have fun during the break.


“Seriously, stop hitting me on the head!”


“Alright, alright.
Since we have some time left, let's plan how to have fun during weekdays and weekends, Sang-du.”


Sang-du's face lit up like a flower garden.


“Oh? Leave that to me.
I'm good at that stuff.
But are we going to use the company card for drinks and entertainment expenses?”


“Are you crazy? Leaving aside the money, if we get caught drinking underage, our company would end up in the newspapers.”


Yi Geon scowled as if warning him that he might make a mistake if he didn't say anything.
Quick-witted Sang-du quickly changed the subject.


“Oh right, that's true.
And Min-seok, are you not coming?”


“Me? I have to study during the break.”


“Come on, you should have fun during the break.
Meet some pretty girls, do you want to stay single throughout high school?”


With Yi Geon's encouragement, Min-seok eventually nodded, swept up in the atmosphere.
These guys are too passive, so they need to be pushed a bit to join in.




“I'm home.”


Yi Geon came home early to celebrate the start of the break.
His mother was just making kimchi fried rice.


“Welcome home, Geon.
Did you finish your classes well?”


“Yes, Mom.
Oh! Here.”


“What's this?”


Yi Geon handed her a beautifully ribbon-wrapped gift box, containing cash, her favorite kind of present.


“Ah, I got a bonus from my part-time job.”


She opened the box quickly, as it was a gift she loved.


“Oh dear, you seem to make a lot of money for a part-time job.”


Inside the envelope were twenty 100,000-won bills and fifty 10,000-won bills.
A total of 2.5 million won, a huge sum.


Considering that the average annual salary of a large company employee in 1993 was about 18 million won, 2.5 million won was a sum that would make even a large company manager envious.


His mother was startled by the huge amount.


“If the boss gives you this much money, I have to at least thank him.
The amount is too big.”


With the sudden announcement of a visit to the company, Yi Geon was at a loss.


“No, no, that's not necessary.
Mom, our boss doesn't really like people visiting the company.”


“Then how about a phone call? Or should I send some fruit as a gift? What does the boss like?”


“Well, of course, it's beef skewers, no, I mean…”


Yi Geon almost accidentally revealed his secret.


“Geon, I should at least call and thank your boss for giving you so much money.”


“No, it's just that…”


Yi Geon was quite flustered.


If his mother were to visit the company, his secret would be exposed.
As Yi Geon planned to surprise her with a party later, he absolutely had to avoid letting the truth come out.


Eventually, he had to sweat as he made excuses.


“Make sure to tell the boss that I'm grateful.
Got it, Geon? And be nice at work, don't be a pushover.
You know Mom believes in you, right?”


Ah, that company is actually mine.
Ugh, this is driving me crazy.


Yi Geon couldn't call himself the representative and owner of the company, even though he owned more than 80% of the shares.


Am I the representative of I Am Hong Gildong or what?


Anyway, it's an absolute secret until the surprise party.


Come to think of it, the interior design of the apartment I've contracted is almost finished.


“Mom, I'm home.
Oh, Geon got here first.”


“Hey sis, you're home?”


“Geon is here, right, it's the break.”


His sister, carrying an Eastpak backpack, cheerfully entered the living room.


The living room was a small space where only 3-4 people could barely sit close together.


Lately, it seems like she's been in high spirits, perhaps because she's getting a confidence boost from her new purchases.
She wore the latest Tachyon pager around her neck, along with a stylish bag and Kitty zipper jewelry.


Maybe I should go on a trip with my sister during the break?


“Sis, what are you doing during the break?”

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