Chapter 13 Surprise Visit (Part 1)


“Please be careful on your way, sister.
If anything happens, just page me.”


“Take care too, Geon.
Watch yourself.
See you later.”


“Sure, sis.
Have a good day at school.”


Yi Geon blankly watched his sister walk away with her spirited stride.


On her back hung the pretty orange Eastpak backpack he had bought her as a gift the day before.


The Eastpak of '93 held a position similar to the MCM backpack that was popular from the mid-to-late 2000s to the 2030s.


It was quite a respected brand among high school girls.


Many freshman college students also carried the brand.




The backpack was adorned with Kitty zipper charms as accessories.


Each authentic Kitty charm cost 60,000 won and was purchased from an imported luxury jewelry store.


One bling-bling cutie adorned each zipper.


Yi Geon had splurged a bit to boost his sister's confidence with these limited edition charms that were difficult to find even if you had the money.


'Wow, that's so cool.
I bought it, but it looks so awesome.'


Just look at the retro primary-color backpack vibe.


It would still rock the streets in 2030.


Of course, the face-and-body model played a huge role in that.


But that green top and bottom school uniform— oh wow, shit~ WTF.


It wasn't even an army women's uniform, but it was too shocking, even for the '90s.


For Yi Geon, who belonged to the 99% of men with a fantasy preference for women's school uniforms, the design was horrifying.


No matter how much he loved his sister, that green military-style uniform seemed impossible to pull off.


'How could someone with that face, those legs, and that body be wearing something like that? It's beyond redemption, even with her looks.
Isn't this too much?'


His sister's school was a Christian girls' high school known for being very strict, particularly in terms of student discipline.


As expected, the uniform skirts were so long that they reached their ankles, completely covering their legs.


It was already early summer in June.


“Ah, the school uniform is one thing, but this bag is so damn heavy.”


This era didn't have personal lockers.


So there was the downside of carrying around a heavy 40kg backpack, as if they were carrying a full military load.


The high schools of this era were quite polarized.


Of course, Chunggong High, where Yi Geon was attending, still wore uniforms, but there were many schools that didn't.
Apart from the common national rule of crazy school principals and harsh corporal punishment, each school was unique.


In the case of Chunggong High, students were allowed to park their motorcycles on the side roads near the school.


“Should I buy a motorcycle like Sang-il? I wasn't too fond of motorcycles in my first life.”


The heavy bag was so cumbersome.
He thought he should visit the department store after school to buy a travel bag or something similar.


“Oh, is that you, Yi Geon?”


“Hello, senior.”


“Hi, junior.”


“Hello, senior.”


“Nice to see you.”


“Hello, senior.
Me too.”


On his way to school, 2nd and 3rd-year seniors greeted him and acted friendly.


It was because they were all satisfied with the dividend from the investment profits made two days ago.


Because of that, Yi Geon had to greet everyone he saw wearing the same uniform.


It would be fine for a day or two, but if this kept happening,


'I guess I should get a motorcycle.'


Yi Geon suddenly found himself called to the teacher's office by his homeroom teacher, Mr.
Park Hyuk-seong, during third period. 


He couldn't quite grasp the teacher's intentions, but he had a vague suspicion that it had something to do with his business.


Yi Geon entered the teacher's office, and the other teachers began to gather around.
They all had an interest in Yi Geon, who had started a successful taco business in Hwagok-dong.
They wondered how big his company would become in the future.


“You did very well on the midterm exams too.
Third place in your class is impressive, especially since you must be so busy with your business.
You're working hard in both your studies and your business.
How is it going?”


“We're currently focusing on increasing production rather than profit, as most of the earnings are being reinvested in facilities.
I think we'll see decent profits once the second round of investments is completed by the end of this year.”


“Of course, it's only been a little over a month since you started.
Your company is still in its growth phase, but you must be ahead of your peers in terms of social activities, right?”


“I'm still learning.”


“But you'll also learn a lot from school, especially from participating in various events and festivals.”


Yi Geon quickly grasped the teacher's intentions.
Even though he had not experienced it in this life, he had dealt with similar situations in his previous life.
Nevertheless, Mr.
Park Hyuk-seong, his homeroom teacher, was subtly steering the conversation, trying to get what he wanted in a relatively moderate manner.


Even in the 2030s, all sorts of troublemakers used their power to extort money.
Most of what the teachers desired came not from their own wishes but from the demands of their superiors.


“In order to fulfill the social responsibilities that come with being the CEO of a rapidly growing conglomerate like Taco Max, I will do my best to contribute to the promotion of my alma mater, Chunggong High School, and help create a sense of pride and accomplishment for our juniors, seniors, teachers, and staff.”


“Ah? Oh..
I see.
You certainly have a different perspective as a successful entrepreneur.”


Feeling the pressure from Yi Geon's powerful speech, the homeroom teacher decided that the information about his parents on the family background form was useless.


'It seems a cunning cub has emerged from an ordinary, impoverished home.
Every word he says is sharp and quite intimidating.
Well, at least he's a student running a business, and he helps the school in various ways.
Two birds with one stone…'


“Thank you, teacher.
If there's anything you need for an event or the school, don't hesitate to call on me.
Despite being extremely busy with my business and studies, I wouldn't dare neglect my duty to shine a light on my alma mater.”


Yi Geon quickly reached a conclusion, simply because he was annoyed.
The homeroom teacher's face brightened as if he had swallowed a digestive.


“Hahaha, that's right, Yi Geon is very smart.
He's great at studying too.”


“Thank you for the generous praise.
While working, no matter how close the relationship, there are often instances where we embarrass each other.
I hope that I can always laugh with you, teacher, until the day I graduate.


hahaha, of course, Yi Geon.”


Park Hyuk-seong broke into a cold sweat.
Normally, a high school freshman would be busy shrinking back in front of a teacher, but he felt as if he was being pulled into the conversation, like he was dealing with a high-ranking official or CEO.


If he had seen Yi Geon getting a backhand smash from his sister for his cheeky behavior, his thoughts might have been different.
However, Yi Geon appeared to have no weaknesses, like not even a needle could penetrate.


“What are you all doing? Hurry up and move!”


At that moment, the vice principal rushed into the teacher's office, urgently.


“What's the matter, vice principal?”


“There's chaos at the school right now.
Stop the classes immediately, call the students, and start spraying water from the main entrance.
Get the cleaning crew started.”


“Vice principal, who's coming?”


“An overseas VIP and the deputy minister of education are coming with the director of scholarships.
Also, the deputy minister of foreign affairs is accompanying them.”


The news of the director of scholarships' visit caused an uproar in the teacher's office.


Unlike the 2030s specific position of Grade 6, the 1993 director of scholarships held power equivalent to an inspection by a division commander.


On top of that, it wasn't just the headquarters, but the deputy minister of education was coming as well.
The school was undoubtedly going to be turned upside down.


“What could they possibly want to see at our school? Aren't all the schools busy preparing for the Daejeon Expo?”


“That's true.”


The vice principal was just as clueless.


“I don't know.
They just said an important person was coming.”


As the situation suddenly became hectic, the homeroom teacher, who had finished his business, sent Yi Geon back to the classroom.


'What on earth is happening?'


It was unlikely that an overseas VIP would make a surprise visit to a high school.


Yi Geon, who was quick to assess the situation, was unaware of the butterfly effect his actions had caused.


At the school entrance:


“Is this Chunggong High School, where the student in question attends?”


“Yes, that's correct.
Officer Kim, please open the main gate.”


A line of black sedans entered the school.


Who was the person accompanying the deputy minister of education, who even made the director of scholarships flustered, causing such a commotion?


Students diligently cleaning the window sills hurriedly closed the windows at the surprised teacher's words.

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