Law of Return Online

Chapter 9: Quest Complete

Two cougars were facing two small monkeys. They were different from what he imagined, in fact, they were white-faced capuchin monkeys. Well, not that it spoiled his plans, Jacob even found the two adorable little monkeys, however, it wasn time for that.

The two white-faced capuchin monkeys were desperately trying to act fierce on top of a tree while two cougars were surrounding the tree.

There were also two white-faced capuchin monkeys dead on the ground with blood oozing. Half of the body of the two white-faced capuchin monkeys was eaten.

Looking at the two cougars, Jacob saw that they were level 14 and with a relatively low health bar, but that just made Jacob think that instead of having great health, they must have more strength and speed, which explains the speed. that one of the cougars had when starting to climb the tree.

”Hey! ” Jacob screamed loudly.

His shout alerted the two cougars.

Even the two white-faced capuchin monkeys noticed his presence.

Intended to attract attention, although he could try to ambush, which would be almost impossible, since the senses of cougars are too high, especially with the intervention of the game, he knew something that perhaps no one else in the entire world knew.

That was that every 25th of the month, all people received the Return. When it says to return, it will be good or bad. It all depends on what you do and if he starts killing animals for the sheer pleasure of killing and gaining EXP, he might gain the negative status of being hated by animals.

The more you have, the worse it is. There were cases where just by smell, animals chased people who killed many innocent animals that did not harm anyone and were killed by the animals.

Well, in that part, the vegans celebrated, as many butchers or breeders of chickens, oxen, etc. had that kind of attribute hated by animals. Many took to social media to say that this was divine retribution.

However, it proved that this was not the case. It simply lacked adaptation. If someone eats the flesh of animals, without having been killed, he will not suffer such an effect. However, there is a chance of overeating…

Of course, this effect can also be canceled if you do kindness to animals, that is, if someone gets 50 points of affection from animals, but has 50 hate from animals, they would be impartial, one would cancel the other.

However, there was something that could not be undone. That would be negative titles. If someone is unfortunate enough to gain the title ”Hated by Animals ”, even if the animals affection is high, they won be able to nullify the title…

Okay, not completely, the titles are basically equipment, they can be equipped and unequipped, but until you find out that you have that option, someone can die from earning such a title.

After all, winning titles is not easy. For many, a title earned may be the first title they have received.

And, despite being a negative title in a way, much later, someone learned to use that title to their advantage, that was, becoming a Tank class, equipping the title in dungeons that have animals, or exploring quests in the open world.

Anyway, Jacob got what he wanted, drawing the attention of the cougars to him and making them want to attack him first.

He even pretended to be scared and was shaking like a scared person.

Even for cautious animals, 1 of the cougars began to approach with slow steps while baring its sharp teeth, while the other cougar kept watching over the two white-faced capuchin monkeys.

Of course, this result was even better for Jacob. Facing 1 at a time, it was a situation without much risk, especially with both cougars being level 14.

When the cougar was only a few steps away it roared fiercely.

”Roar! ”

With a cat-like leap, the cougar leaped towards Jacob.


Sliding back, Jacob smiled coldly.

[Cold Breath]

When the icy breath came out of his mouth, the cougar that just fell to the ground couldn dodge in time and freeze.

Jacob approaches very quickly and without wasting time, he throws three punches at the cougar.

[- 91]

[- 84]

[- 88]

[Experience gained 14]

[Bonus experience gained 7]

”Fantastic! ”

It was an addition of just one magic skill, however, it already made all the difference when cast at the right time.

The other cougar gave up watching the white-faced capuchin monkeys and roared in rage when he saw his partner turn into energy particles and disappear, dropping two silver coins.

Seeing the cougar run towards him, Jacob braced himself. The cooling of the icy breath did not pass, he would have to win without relying on it.

Jacob runs towards the cougar. When he was very close, he used: [Moonwalker]

After seeing that the cougar who tried to attack laterally with his right claw missed his target, he steps forward and punches the cougars right side.

[- 86]

”ROAR! ”

This made the cougar angrier. Roaring, the cougar tries to bite Jacob.


Jacob backed away from the bite and advanced, soon he got close and this time he kicked from the bottom up, catching the cougars jaw.

[- 94]

The cougar became dizzy, it was staggering and Jacob took advantage of this and attacked again with a side whip kick.

[- 91]

[Experience gained 14]

[Bonus experience gained 7]

”Cheep, cheep! ”

The two white-faced capuchin monkeys at the top of the tree were happy to see the two evil cougars die. With bird-like sounds, they chirped in celebration.

Jacob looked at the two little monkeys and gave his best gentle smile.

The animals were sensitive, and Jacob didn emit any negative energy toward them. And the fact that he killed the two cougars made the two little monkeys look at him favorably.

Only after hesitating a bit, did the two little monkeys start to climb down from the tree.

However, when descending, the little monkeys went to the two half-eaten bodies of what could be their parents.

From her eyes, Jacob saw that tears were flowing.

Now that the danger has passed, the little monkeys sadness made them cry at the death of their parents.

At the same time, raindrops began to fall.

The two little monkeys didn move away from the half-eaten bodies.

Jacob sighed and said without knowing if they understood or not: ”Longing immortalizes the presence of those who have passed away. With time, this pain subsides, and turns into a silence that awaits, through the arms of life, one day to meet again. ”

The two little monkeys looked at him.

”Their fighting days are over, their glory days are here, and now they are going to a better place. ”

”Cheep… ”

The sound emitted by it was not as cheerful as it was before. It was sad, but somehow Jacob thought it was able to understand what he meant.

Thinking a little, Jacob approaches a little, seeing that they didn move away, Jacob starts digging a hole in the ground after approaching.

The two little monkeys looked at Jacobs actions thoughtfully, then they started to help him dig with their little hands.

The rain continued as a man and two monkeys dug a hole in the earth.

When it got big and deep enough, Jacob signaled and the little monkeys understood, as they picked up the remains that were left of their parents and placed them carefully inside the hole.

Jacob looks at the two who, not knowing if it was because of the rain or why they were still crying, the two little monkeys took handfuls of earth and threw it into the hole slowly.

In this part, Jacob only helped a little by letting them do it, saying goodbye to his parents.

[Congratulations, you have won the affection of an intelligent animal. A special quest has been triggered: (Animal Tamer) would you like to accept it?]

”Yes. ” Jacob muttered, making a nasal sound.

Opening the quests page, he clicked on the special quests section.


Quest Objective: Help 10 Animals (0/10)

Although youve already gained the affection of an animal, you still need to prove yourself worthy of being an animal tamer.



Experience: 250

Gold: 110

Skill: Animal Tamer (Low Grade Quality)


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