Law of Return Online

Chapter 3: Level 5

. He sighs when he sees that no items have been dropped.

But, theres no point in moaning about it, the portal to the next floor has already appeared in the place where the four wolves were initially.

He walked and entered the portal.



Jacob barely passed through the portal to the second floor when a new system message appeared and soon after, another global message appeared.


[Congratulations to Achilles player for being the first Player to clear the first floor of the Labyrinth. This achievement is engraved on the fame board for all eternity on the Labyrinth boards!]

[Thanks to Achilles achievement, the Labyrinth rank is available to everyone!]


Jacob didn advance towards the second floor wolves a short distance away. He knew that as long as he didn approach, neither would they.

[A new main quest has been triggered!]

”Oh? ”


Quest Objective: Reach Floor 5 (Not Completed)

It is said that within this dark and terrifying Labyrinth are hidden many precious items.



Experience: 300

Gold: 100

Skill: Frost Breath (Low Grade Quality)


When he clicked on the skill, he read that this skill, despite being low grade, has a certain percentage chance to freeze enemies for two seconds in an area attack. Can affect up to 5 enemies.

Not bad. Jacob smiled.

Before, he thought of just going to the second floor and leaving, but that made him change his mind. Although he didn dare to challenge the fifth floor boss, if it was just to reach the fifth floor, he had the confidence to succeed.

I still have the lucky chest.

Opening the inventory, he took out the lucky chest.

Placing it on the ground, he opened it.

[Congratulations you got in the lucky chest: (50 Gold)]

To say he isn disappointed would be a lie. In the lucky chest, even epic skills and items could appear. Just like the epic artifact he got earlier.

Ill have more chances in the future, better not to think about it.

At the moment, he still hasn opened the labyrinth shop, he couldn even use the gold he had at the moment to enhance himself.

The wolves before him are at level 10.

The difference in his attributes compared to the wolves has already started to not have as much effect. Their health is around 200-220.

It would be a totally different fight than before since both life and other attributes are much higher than on the first floor.

Assuming their offense is around 20-30, its going to be hard for me to win like before.

Despite being aware of this, Jacob didn think about giving up. This was currently one of the only places he could level up without being seen, other than he wanted to complete the second main quest.

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