Law of Return Online

Chapter 11: Beginner Animal Tamer

ng, Jacob considered everything, it was then that he told the two little monkeys to get down, and looking at it, he said: ”Im going to do something that could be dangerous, for the safety of both of them, I have a proposal too… ”

Jacob tried to be as clear as possible. It was impossible for the two little monkeys to understand everything he said, however, they understood that by doing so, they could be together forever by Jacobs side. They didn want to part, or part with their savior, so they agreed.

Upon seeing this, Jacob prepared everything, he believed that with 50% of the (Contract Sword) plus the tamer skill, it was almost certain that he would succeed, as he knew that he increased the affinity with these two little monkeys.

At first, Jacob looked in all directions to know that no one was around. After confirming that there was no one, he started.

[Animal Tamer]

The instant he made it towards one of the white-faced capuchin monkeys, a star shape inside a circle started to spin faster and faster.

Jacob noticed that the Contract Space appeared next and a red line connected to the contracted circle, thus making the surrounding circle turn red while a yellow star rotated in the middle.



[Choose a name for your pet: <<__>>]


Knowing it was a female, he wrote: Aurora.

The instant he finished choosing, he saw Aurora close her eyes, appearing to be on the receiving end of something.

Jacob was happy, he wasn expecting that he would also win a title. He opened the statuses and clicked on the title.

[((Beginner Animal Tamer)): Gain 1% more EXP for each animal hired on the battlefield; the passive title does not need to be equipped to be under effect]

”Incredible! ” Jacob couldn help but say it out loud. It didn matter that it was only 1%, that was already a lot in the long run, especially if he had several contracted animals fighting with him.

Then he hugged the little monkey and kissed the cheek.

It was all thanks to her.

Seeing that the other little monkey was getting jealous, Jacob did the same and laughed.

After that, he put on the little monkey that still didn have a contract with him, and did the same process.



[Choose a name for your pet: <<__>>]


Looking at the other little monkey, he thought of an anime he saw once and ended up choosing: Yuki.

Afterward, Jacob used Contract Space, pulling Yuki and Aurora inside.

Seeing that it worked, he could see that inside, the two were confused, but soon, they looked happy while making similar bird sounds.

Jacob smiled but soon turned serious.

Now that that was taken care of, he had to think about the mission.

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