In Magic World

Awaken Into Magic World

Zeil opened his eyes. He saw that he was in a forest. The last thing he remembered was going to sleep.

Just he was thinking where he was suddenly,

[Beep Beep]

”Huh what was that ” Zeil wondered in confusion.

[System Activating]

”System ”?

He was surprised to hear that. As a novel fan, he knows what the system was. Suddenly, at that time, a thought came into his mind.

Did I get reincarnated into another world

[System Activated]

A game screen like something appears in front of zeil.


[Name: Zeil Amor]

[Age: 18/74]

[Stage: Mortal]

[Level: 1]

[Coins: 0]

[HP: 10/10]

[Strength: 8]

[Agility: 10]

[Stamina: 7]

[Mana: 10]






After seeing the status screen, zeil was in a daze for a while.

After some minute, he finally got up.

He has silver hair and black eyes and handsome looking face with sharp eyebrows.

”I didn expect to get reincarnated in a magic world, well whatever ”

”System, where am I ”

[Host, you are currently in the World of Sapphire. In this world, people use mana to strengthened their body and soul. With mana, you can even become as strong as a God. There are 3 continents in this world – Red Land Continent, Blue Land Continent and Green Land Continent]

[Magical Beasts usually live in Red Continent, and they are at level 7 or above, thats why no one dare to live in that place. Humans and some other race live in Blue Continent and Elves live in Green Continent]

[You are currently in the Forest near Selgia Kingdom, which is in Green Continent]


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