hart clenched his teeth and swallowed his groans.


The soft, smooth skin underneath his hands made his mind’s functionality distant and stiff.


When his deep breath passed down her neckline from the tip of his nose…


“Wait a minute.”


Finally, Dooha, who came to her senses, pushed the Duke’s chest away.


Leonhart growled at her defensive attitude.


“What’s wrong? You said you wanted the rights of a duchess.
Weren’t you determined to do this?”


“I was determined, but sleeping with a guy I don’t even care about doesn’t fit my personality.”


He’s a man, one who had no place in her heart.


Leonhart had never thought of keeping her in his mind either.


But why did those words make him feel so dirty?


Leonhart frowned without realizing it.


“The Duke also said that he had no intention of sharing a bedroom with me.
Ah, if you ever need a successor, I’ll be happy to accommodate…”


“It’s fine.”


That cold and calm face returned, and Leonhart loosened his arm around her waist.


He looked like he was leaking steam for some reason.


“Are you sure it’s fine? If the duke wants it, even if I don’t want it, I’m willing to…” 


“I also don’t have a hobby of embracing a woman I don’t even have in my heart.
Let’s stop.”


‘People will think I’m just hanging onto this woman.’


Leonhart turned his head away with a frown.


Meanwhile, Dooha sighed secretly in relief at his answer.


She had competed with men on the hunting ground, but she had never competed with anyone in bed.
Due to this, she was very worried, but she was lucky.


At the same time, Leonhart brought up an unexpected remark.


“Since you brought it up first, I’ll leave you to work as the duchess from tomorrow onwards.” 




“Then, as the duchess, were you planning on not doing anything and just enjoying everything? That doesn’t make sense.”


Budget planning, additional management, constant supervision, and social activities.


Indeed, there were many things the duchess had to do.


“If you want to enjoy everything you should as a duchess, you should take the right responsibilities for it.
Don’t you think so?”


If you want to enjoy your rights, fulfill your obligations.


It was an unwritten law that applied wherever she went.


“Please, I don’t want you to make any mistakes.
It would be very difficult to hear that my wife had tarnished the Esbaden family.” 


“…I’ll try.”


Upon hearing her answer, the duke left the room silently.


Dooha, who was left alone, sat on the bed and breathed out a trembling breath.


Still, the place where his palm had passed was hot and itchy.


To the point where her heart, which had no agitation, fluttered for a very short time.




“Princess, do you want more tea?” 


“It’s fine.”


“Then, more refreshments…”


“No, it’s fine.”


After repeated rejection, Layla eventually got angry with her master.


“But still! Do you know how many hours you’ve been looking at documents? You skipped lunch, too!”


“I’m not that hungry, so it’s okay.”


Dooha answered back, treating the matter as if it were insignificant, while playing with the pen in her hand.


She was currently reviewing this year’s budget by organizing last year’s budget.


It was all thanks to the duke, who threw the work at her as soon as the day started.


Giving a mountain of books as a gift to the new bride who had only been married for three days.


Indeed, he could not help but be the kindest husband in the world that would make his bride grind her teeth just by thinking about him.


“But I’m glad it’s a budget plan.
There are more numbers than letters.” 


“Come to think of it, the princess also managed the caravan books.” 


“Yeah, the experience of managing those books during that time has become very helpful.”


Of course, at that time, she didn’t think that she was learning how to count in order to become the hostess of a castle and manage the household like how she is now.


“Duchess, I’m Sylvia.”


While Dooha was working hard on the budget, Sylvia, the maid, visited.


“What’s going on?”


“These are lists of necessary items and bills sent from each department of the province.”


“Oh, thank you.”


Dooha’s hands, which were handing over documents one by one, gradually slowed down.


“What’s wrong, Madame?” 




“Yes, Madame.”


Dooha smiled as she looked at the maid standing in front of her with a puzzled face.


“What do you think a person should do in order to take care of the household?”


“Yes, when you summon the vassals from all over the castle and get a report…”


“I can’t believe what others say.
I want to see for myself.”


“Yes? The Duchess herself?”


I haven’t finished looking around the castle yet.”


It had been only three days since Dooha came to the fortress.


It was foolish for her to judge those living in a place, which she did not even know the layout of, solely based on numbers that were listed on a piece of paper.


“I don’t know the layout, so let’s go with Sylvia.”


“Yes? But you don’t have to work so hard…”


“I also need to learn the layout of the castle.
Wouldn’t it be a shame if I, the Duchess, later lost my way in the castle?”


“It would be, but…”


At her persistent persuasion, Sylvia was forced to nod her head in the end.


As she said, it was something the duchess had to do someday.
She had to learn the layout of this castle, one day or another.


“Okay, then I’ll get ready.”


Dooha raised the corners of her mouth, satisfied with her maid’s sighing reply.

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