re about my only sister? Moreover, your marriage is for an alliance with the Empire…”


“That’s right.
My marriage is for an alliance with the Empire.”


Dooha continued her words as she turned her head towards her older brother.


“So it would be better for my brother to do something for Bashal during the time he shows his inferiority complex to me.”


“What, what?”


Nihir’s face contorted like a demon at his sister’s sincere advice.


“I do not have one!”


Impatiently, he tried to swing his arm towards his only sister’s face, but he failed to do so.


Since his only sister simply slammed his arm.


Dooha was aiming her dagger, which was worn around her waist, at the nape of her brother’s neck.


“Please don’t let me regret giving away my position as chieftain, Nihir.”


With eyes that genuinely took pity for Nihir, she put away her dagger.


“Ha! Giving away? Giving away? Don’t make me laugh! You lost to me.
You lost to me!”


Nihir screamed at Dooha’s back, who turned away coldly.
She didn’t even pretend to hear him.


“Dooha Yel Bashal, you are a loser! Forever!”


Knowing nothing else, thinking that she no longer had to look at that pathetic face again made her feel lighter.


Twenty years have passed since the Krone Empire conquered half of the continent.


Nevertheless, the regions at the border were still suffering from exhausting battles with the forces that were hostile to the Empire.


However, the Halton area, which bordered two kingdoms and had the second strongest military power after the Empire, had been peaceful since the change of lords.


Halton’s people cheered the new leader’s skill, but the incompetent rulers of the capital didn’t like it.


Since the competence of others only made their incompetence stand out.


Moreover, the new lord of Halton was a blue-eyed young boy who had just turned twenty.


Such a person was not qualified enough to be the head of the wealthiest duke’s family, and since the Empire obtained Halton, they were bound to get a stomachache.


Even the emperor cared for him and did not hesitate to support the Halton estate, so the resentment of the old nobles seemed to pierce through the sky.


They declared that they would not do business with the Halton Estate.
Whenever they received a request for troop support from other frontier areas, they responded with an absurd reply, saying to request support from the Halton Estate.


As the situation worsened, the emperor was forced to ignore their grievances.
Eventually, he invited the most famous young lord of the empire to the capital.


He hoped that the solution he has proposed will quell the dissatisfaction of other nobles.


“Long time no see, Lord Leonhart.
I think this is the first time I’ve seen your face since your succession ceremony.”


With a long window bringing in sunlight, slanted in shape, the emperor was sitting on a throne, that was on a pedestal, wearing a red satin cloak.


He looked at the young man, who was kneeling on one knee under the podium.


The sunlight pouring through the huge glass window was dazzling and made others frown due to its intensity, but the young man kneeled without raising an eyebrow.


The young man was handsome.
His appearance could even be called beautiful rather than handsome.


Delicate features beneath his gelled, neatly brushed golden hair, and his unshakable blue eyes looked cold, but at the same time, ironically, infinitely warm.


“I have committed disloyalty by not being able to visit the Emperor often,” he said.
“Please forgive me with mercy, Your Majesty.”


“Raise your head.
Thanks to your hard work, the margins have been able to find stability, so there is no need for you to apologize.”


In addition to his answer, the emperor lightly waved his hand with a happy smile.


“I’m sorry.” The young man lowered his head deeply, placing one of his clenched fists in front of his chest.


His name was Leonhart Von Esbaden.
He was Halton’s owner and was known to the public as the Duke of Esbaden.


It was this young man who had received all of the jealousy and envy of the imperial nobles.


“Yes, the reason I brought you all the way here is an important one.”


At the emperor’s words, the duke quietly waited for his next words.


“Duke of Esbaden,”


The ensuing words of the emperor caused a shift in the expression of the duke, who was not usually surprised.


“Please marry for the sake of the Empire.”


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