Episode 1.
The Marriage Alliance

“…Do you really want to go?”


The face of the wind tribal chief, Yel, was full of sorrow.


On the contrary, the woman sitting opposite him seemed to be okay with it, and she threw the firewood into the burning bonfire.


“I am the only one.”


The woman, with her wavy, voluminous silver hair tied up half, had a strange aura.


Her straight eyebrows, neat nose bridge, and thick, rosy lips could not make her be called a beauty, even with empty words, but she had a charm that somehow caught people’s attention.


The almond-shaped, open eyes glowed golden like those of a beast’s.


The mysterious color of the eyes, which looked green or blue in the light, looked somewhat extraordinary.


“Because all of the princesses from other tribes are either married or too young to get married.”




When her father called her name, Dooha, the woman, slowly raised her gaze.


A spark shone in the eyes that had resembled melted gold.


“Even if I stay here, I only have one option.
I don’t like that, father.”


If she had to experience humiliation and shame, she would rather go to a place where no one knew her.
He was not a father who could not see the determination hidden in his daughter’s face.


But just because he knew it… didn’t mean he could understand it.


“…Were you angry? That you didn’t take the seat of the successor?”


Only the chieftain’s son could sit in the chieftain’s seat.


It had always been like that in the past, it is like that today, and it always will be like that.


“I admit that you are excellent, but the chieftain needs everyone’s approval.
Winning a duel is not everything.”


“Unless I am born in another tribe or reborn as a man, that recognition is something I will never receive.”


There were only three older brothers.


However, even though she was born as a girl, she was far superior to them in every way.


Dooha, who was born with the qualities of a chief, had a desire and boldness to win, and, of course, believed that she would become the chieftain.


As a child, how ecstatically she had looked at her father’s back, who led everyone in her tribe.
She obviously knew that she could be like him, too.




Was the only path you could choose was to marry an imperial aristocrat on your own? Was it really?”


“Isn’t it better than staying here and supporting a guy who is obviously much worse than me?”




“At least I can gain pride in myself by devoting to the alliance between the Empire with the tribe.”


After finishing what she had to say, Dooha got up from her seat.


Packing up her hat and cape without saying a word, she looked back at her father before leaving the room.


Her father’s back, which was wide and confident enough to instill a dream in her back then, now looked old and shabby like a rock that had been worn out after enduring the years.


His appearance stabbed her in the chest, but Dooha finally turned her head away.


It was more painful for her to experience things that she could not enjoy than it was to see her changed father’s back.


She rolled up the thick carpet that had been used as a door, rather than an actual door.
As she went outside, a familiar figure that was leaning against a stone wall caught her eye.


It was her first brother, ‘Nihir’, who overtook her to become the next chieftain.


His silvery curly hair resembled hers, but his gray eyes did not.
It was a face that one could tell was filled with tantrums just by looking at it.


“You’re going to the Empire?”


Nihir had hated Dooha since childhood.


It must be because his younger sister, who was much younger than him, was neither cute nor friendly, and she had always fought hard to win.


In addition, as time went by, he had always lost to her, so how else should he have felt?


“Heh, your personality will make it easy for you to survive in the Empire.”


“It’s not your business.”


“How could I not ca

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