There was magic for daily use in any faction.
However, is this carriage so luxurious that it has a carpet on the floor?

‘Magic must be installed in it.’

For example, living magic with functions such as lighting, insulation, and anti- magic.
In other words, to keep this magic permanently active, a power core for fuel had to be installed in the carriage.

The carriage was no different. Finding the location of the core, even in the body of a baby, was easier for him than closing his eyes.

‘It’s not a big deal to make it run amok with a little time and magic power.

As evidence, the warming magic ran wild and threatened the assassins.


And if a big fire breaks out in a cramped, enclosed space like a carriage, for an ordinary human…


‘Yes, that’s how it should be.’

When the carriage door opened, the Skeleton King’s eyes widened like half moons.

Those who are alive will find it from my bow in an emergency.

The human beings would instinctively look for the carriage door in a sudden situation that threatens survival, no matter how educated they are.
Whether it’s for escape or to remove smoke.

As soon as the door opened, the Skeleton King, who had been eyeing it from the start, crawled toward it with all his might.
It was his fault that it went wild, so it wasn’t even a matter of dealing with the fire not coming to him.


But then.

“This little bastard.”



A sharp sensation dug into his back.


It was a sword.

As if slicing through tender flesh, an unimaginable pain surged through.
The sensation of something flowing was undoubtedly blood.

Sure enough, when he turned his head, he saw servants with burns.

At the same time, the Skeleton King was taken aback.
It was because the rough flames had disappeared.
Because the magical core that supplied magic had broken.

‘Damn, the magical core here is too cheap to withstand it!’

He had manipulated the magic design installed on the carriage and unleashed the magic, but he had given too much power for it.
To put it simply, he temporarily raised the lowest level 1 magic to a 2nd level, but the installed magical core was too inferior to withstand it.

‘I even took that into account.’

It wasn’t a mistake on his part as a 10th level wizard

Even if the magical core used by the demons was the lowest level, it wasn’t this bad.
There was no doubt that there was a quality difference between the human and demon camps.
Of course, it was natural that the magical core wasn’t well developed in the holy camp…

‘Damn it, there are no more magical cores around here.’

Magic couldn’t be used anymore.

At that moment, a servant grabbed the Skeleton King’s arm with a strong hand.



The Skeleton King frowned.

He couldn’t use divine magic yet.
And if it came to this, he would give up the burden on his body and high-quality magic cores to immediately open up his magic… But then it happened.



Holy light burst from the Skeleton King’s body. The servants who tried to capture him were greatly taken aback.

It was because there was only one light like this in the world.

“Divine power…!”

No, it wasn’t just emitting divine power.

‘Holy Law?’

If magic is a spell that utilizes magic power, then holy law is a divine spell that utilizes divine power.

And this was unmistakable.

‘Body Strengthening Holy Law?’

That’s why the Skeleton King couldn’t help but be interested.
These guys probably haven’t realized the true nature of the spell yet, but the Skeleton King was different.

‘This is a spell that strengthens the body and raises self-healing power.’

It was roughly at the level of a second- rank spell, a level that was already recognized as a lower-level priest.
The pain he had been feeling on his back was actually disappearing.

‘My wounds are healing.

So he was happy, but even more so he couldn’t understand it.

It had to be the spell of priests and paladins who had clearly made a contract with the gods to use divine magic.

Could it be that the body has already contracted with God?

No, that couldn’t be it.

If that were the case, he would have noticed it.

‘Even though I haven’t made a contract with the gods, I can still use divine magic with this lower-level spell?’

He didn’t think he couldn’t use divine power for no reason.
If he made a contract with God with the Demon King’s soul without any disguise, of course he would be caught right away.

So he had actually been worried about it.

He thought he would have to live as a young master until a certain period of time when he could finally use divine magic.

But now the story was different.

‘Can I use divine magic without making a contract?’

Because his body was already filled with blessings?

Well, the oath of faith and the contract itself for the priests meant becoming a servant of the gods in exchange for receiving divine blessings, so it made sense.

Anyway, it was a good thing.

‘If I can use here, the story will be different.’

The fact that it took five days to create the internal magic core was a figure that took into consideration the level of a baby’s fragile body.

But as long as his body didn’t explode!

‘Five minutes!’

Moreover, with the spell, he’ll be able to hold out for a while with a normal bladed attack!

Thinking that way, when he reached out his hand, the servants suddenly dropped their swords.



The Skeleton King was startled by the sight.

What is it, why did you drop your sword and come closer?

Are they really trying to strangle me?

No way.
From their perspective, he was an unknown opponent who seemed to use the divine spell.

If he could use Disarmament or other divine spells, it would be better to break the child’s neck with an overwhelming physical advantage before that!

It was then.

“You’re not being truthful.
You just said he was a Saint candidate…!”

“That’s right.
He’s already using the divine spell without even being baptized.
That’s proof that he’s a Saint!”

At the servants’ surprised reaction, the Skeleton King’s eyes widened.

What, what’s going on?

It wasn’t intentional, but is it going in a good direction because they were from the Holy Empire?

He lifted the corners of his mouth.

‘Well, I originally planned to use magic to deal with these guys and escape.’

If it goes in this direction, he had the intention to turn a blind eye to this incident.

Of course, it wasn’t forgiveness, but a substitute for hands and feet.

In the first place, it was very unreasonable and irrational to go to a house where he didn’t know where it was with the child’s body like this.

Besides, he had now entered the body of a Saint of the Holy Empire.

He needed to adapt to logic rather than force.

“This baby will not be killed.”

At the words of the assassins, the Skeleton King smiled contentedly.

‘Right, unnecessary fights are not good.
If you’ve fixed your mind…’

“We won’t kill him, but we’ll kidnap him.”

Yeah, let’s just kill them all.

A light emanated from the Skeleton King’s body.

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