d not turn around.


Laura gave her a worried look and asked her.


“Young lady, are you sure you want to leave Madam like this? If you go to the dormitory, you won’t be able to see her face for at least three months.” 


If the word was three months, but if Filina didn’t pass the advancement exam of the Academy, she might not be able to go home for much longer.


But that didn’t mean that she would be completely stuck inside the academy.


At the entrance ceremony, they were sometimes allowed to go out, depending on the score of the team of knights they were assigned to.


But apart from that, Filina felt that she didn’t need to come home.


‘I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if I wasn’t here anyway.’


“I suppose it can’t be helped……..”


A bitter answer flowed from between Filina’s lips.


Her father might be more than pleased.
Because the person who used Ariel as an excuse to blackmail him was gone.
Not only that, but she also had a minor argument with Bruno yesterday.


Probably everyone would be happy if she was gone.


She had already spent far too much time in the family to expect anything more.
The hope she had initially hoped for had somehow been transformed into resignation.
There was nothing more she wanted from them.


Filina climbed into the carriage, escorted by Enoch.
The door closed, and a moment later the carriage rattled off.


Outside the window, the mansion was moving away, but Filina did not turn her head.


After running for a long time, she saw the Military Academy was crowded with freshmen coming in to receive dormitory assignments like her. 


Laura, who was glancing out the window, suddenly asked Filina with round eyes,


“Miss, by the way, how many rooms does the dormitory have? I heard there’s not a private room.
You’re not sharing a room with a man, are you, young lady?”


Filina frowned at her words.


“What nonsense are you talking about?”


Laura quickly pointed out the window and shouted.


“Look! All the people going into the academy are only men!”


Hearing her words, Filina’s gaze naturally shifted outside the window, and just like Laura had said, everyone entering the Academy was men.


Filina fully understood what Laura was worried about.


That said, if Filina was to minister to Laura’s words in a sympathetic tone, Laura might spend the whole night worrying.



No, that would be better.
She might even grab Filina’s dress right here and stubbornly beg Filina to go back home.


Filina chose the perfect answer for this situation.


“Don’t worry.
When I took the exam, there was one woman there.
Maybe I’ll be with her when I get assigned a dorm.”


Laura listened to Filina’s words with a curious look on her face.


“Did that person pass the exam?”


Filina replied without knowing the sure answer.


“Hmm, maybe…..?”


Filina answered vaguely, remembering the woman who had helped her during the physical fitness test.
However, she didn’t look for her name on the list of successful applicants.


However, that woman could subdue a big man who tried to sexually harass Filina in one shot during the physical fitness test, it seemed like she was not of normal ability.


Laura looked a little suspicious at Filina’s vague response, but soon regained her composure with a nod.


The carriage gradually slowed down and soon came to a complete stop.
The door of the carriage, which had been tightly closed, opened and Enoch extended his hand from outside.


“Thank you.”


Holding his hand, Filina stepped out of the carriage and directly took out the two bags she had brought from the mansion and the sword she had brought to give to Leon.


“I’ll take you to the front of the dormitory.”


Enoch immediately reached for her bags, but Filina flatly refused.


“No, thank you.
Outside people are not allowed to enter, so I’ll go alone.”


Enoch recited with a stubborn face, unlike usual.


“I graduated from there, so it’ll be okay to go in for a short moment.
The luggage is heavy, so give it to me.”


At his words, Filina shook her head and said,


“When you trained in school, you knew that you had to carry things heavier than this, so let me carry this much.”


Enoch was silent for a moment, then muttered in a grumpy voice.


“You don’t have to practice today, do you?”


Filina gave a small laugh and raised one hand and slightly tapped Enoch on the cheek.


“Stop worrying.
I’ll have to go in now.”


Enoch had no choice but to nod at her words.
Finally, Filina stepped back and greeted Laura, who was standing alongside Enoch.


“Well, I’m going now.”


Laura, who had been whimpering as she spoke.


“Don’t be too hard on yourself, young lady, and if you feel you can’t stand it, just come right back.
You understand? I’ll always be waiting for you.”


Filina smiled and nodded.


“I understand.”


Her red eyes reached Enoch this time.
He stared at Filina and opened his mouth in a lower voice.


“Have a safe trip, Lady Filina.”


She replied, smiling brightly.


“Yes, I’ll be back.”


With that, Filina turned around.


She deliberately walked looking only forward, as she could not seem to keep her feet off the ground if she turned around and looked at them.


After walking like that for a while, she completely lost sight of Laura and Enoch who were watching her back.


She felt somewhat empty.
The weather was too tranquil for her mind to be disturbed. 


The feeling of being far away from the people who she cared about was terrible in the past and now.

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