“Do you want to hunt here?”


Filina replied, jumping down from her horse with a supple gesture.


“There are many animals to hunt around here.”


She kneeled on the grassy spot.
The sand on the floor stained her pants, but Filina didn’t care.


She brought the gun she was carrying on her shoulder to the front.


Staring at her from behind, Cecilia dismounted her horse and walked over to Filina.


Filina, who had been measuring the distance of her target with both hands on her hunting rifle, opened her mouth.


“When you are hunting, it is important to be able to sense when the wind stops.”


The sound of dancing grass could be heard clearly.
The green leaves swaying in the light breeze flickered announcing its presence.


‘When the wind stops, listen among the grasses.
Where the animals are hiding.”


Her red hair, which had been swaying in the wind, stopped moving.


Fernan’s eyes glittered as she tried to find her target.


The sound of shifting grass could be heard in the quiet space.
Her hand, which had been holding the gun toward the front, pulled the trigger straight.




A sharp noise echoed through the wide grass, and at the same time, faint animal noises could be heard from far away.


“That’s amazing, My Lady!”


Cecilia looked at Filina with admiration .


Filina got up and lightly brushed the dirt off her pants.
Then she held out her hunting rifle to Cecilia.


“Would you like to try?”


Cecilia’s pupils dilated.




Filina nodded and Cecilia replied hesitantly.


“But I’ve never hunted before.”


“I’ll show you.
It’s not dangerous as long as you keep your stance.”


The people of Alvar looked up to Cecilia as the “saint” that God had blessed them with, but that did not mean that she was really admitted to the Great Temple.


A saint in the Great Temple needed basic support in the power of the mystical divine forces to ward off evil.
The reason Cecilia was so cautious in everything she did, even though she wasn’t really a saint, was because of the way people looked at her.


Every little movement she made was followed like a shadow by the gaze of the people.


Cecilia seemed troubled as she stared at the brown muzzle of the gun that was held out to her.


‘Can I hold a gun recklessly?’


‘People will be disappointed if they see this.’


But right now, the only people around were Filina and her guard.
Cecilia opened her mouth, her green eyes shining beautifully, as if she had made up her mind.


“I’ll give it a try, then.”


She took the gun and gave strength to the tip of her chin.
Her determined face created solid air. 


Filina, who was watching her closely, explained to Cecilia how to hold the gun.
Actually, it was somewhat impulsive to encourage her to hunt. 


In the original story, there was no scene where Cecilia rode a horse.
However, she ran her horse well.
And even when Filina sped up, she quickly caught up with her. 


Seeing this, a vain feeling swept over Filina.
All the times she had ridden horses before became ludicrous.
Being in the presence of the female protagonist, she really felt like a boring supporting character.
She was disappointed. 


It was like trying to draw a picture on a piece of white drawing paper with a blank pencil.
It was still just a blank piece of paper. 


So she wanted to check.
Was the way Cecilia was riding her horse and running as fast as she could just pure ability? Or was it the unlimited ability of the female protagonist?


 No way, would she succeed in one attempt? Cecilia sat with one knee bent as Filina did.
The sharp muzzle of the gun pointed through the grass.


Her soft blonde hair swayed in the wind.
The hot sunshine held Cecilia in place.
When the sound of the cool breeze stopped for a moment, her green eyes took on a primary color vibe.




A flying bullet was fired at its target.
It was a motion that didn’t seem to sway in the slightest.
From a distance, animal noises spread through the grass.


Cecilia stared at Filina with a startled look on her face.


“My Lady, did I succeed?”


Filina, who had been staring at her, replied.


“…It seems so.”


A laugh escaped from between her lips as she answered.


Filina wanted to believe it was a coincidence, but the faint trembling of her fingers seemed to acknowledge the reality.


Cecilia just smiled brightly, happy that the hunt was successful.


“I’ll go check it out!”


“I’ll go with you…”


“No! The young lady stays here!”


Cecilia said and disappeared between the grasses with the escort knight.


Watching her back in silence, Filina called out to Enoch, who stood behind her.




“Yes, Lady Filina.”


He closed the distance at once.


“What happened to the sword I asked for?”


“It’s in the works.
I’m told it will be ready before the entrance ceremony of the military academy.”


“…Is that right?”


Filina’s red eyes were once again shifted between the grass.


It was pathetic to see herself being compared to Cecilia.


How much effort had she put in to survive so far? It was like forcing herself into shoes that didn’t fit her.


Suddenly, she felt as if all the efforts she had made collapsed in an instant.


Just then, she heard the sound of grass crashing in the distance.
The birds that had been perched peacefully on the trees flew away.


There was no wind.


Filina’s eyes flashed.




Cecilia’s voice rang out in the distance .
It seemed that something had happened.
When Filina tried to run to the place where Cecilia had disappeared, Enoch stood in her way. 


“I’ll go alone.
It’s not safe, please stay here.” (Enoch)


Filina said with a frown.


“You’re going to play the cool part all by yourself?”


She ran through the grass, shaking off Enoch’s arm that blocked her.
Enoch sighed and followed after Filina.

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