Chapter 5: 随身空间

Portable Space 

Seven months ago, when she had transmigrated over, the original body and Yin Shuang were starving, malnourished and sick.
It was still a severe cold winter month when the palace had stopped the expense for food and clothing (in the Cold Palace).

The Cold Palace is located in the north-west corner of the palace, a separate, purpose-built bedchamber.
It is usually deserted and overgrown with weeds.
If one were to go to the imperial harem in front, it would take at least half an hour to get there and back, and half a day’s work would be lost in one trip.
Therefore, no one would normally come to such a place, and no one would bother with Niang Niang who had been sent to the cold palace, no one would bother about their death and life.

Faced with an empty cold palace, if not for this space, she and Yin Shuang would have starved to death a long time ago.

There were about ten acres of fertile farmland in the space, and the corn grown in it had long been fruitful.
The heavy ones swayed against the wind.

Next to the corn field was a gurgling sound of flowing water spring, clear and transparent.
In it you can even see a school of fresh, fat fish, and in the distance a patch of fruit trees.In the distance a few chickens and ducks are strolling leisurely under the trees, and to the side is the simple thatched hut she has built, piled high with the food she has grown over the past six months.
She has grown corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on.

The grains in the space ripened very quickly, almost in ten days or so.
A lot of grain has been hoarded over the past six months.

Every once in a while she had to pretend to go out, when she came back, she carried some food she had taken out of the space, saying that she had gone to the imperial kitchen to find someone to exchange it for silver.
Yin Shuang never suspected anything.

It was fine to go out and exchange some food every now and then, but you couldn’t go out and exchange fruits and vegetables every day, could you? Moreover, those kinds of goods don’t last long, so she used some vegetable seeds from the space to scatter in the front and back yards of the Cold Palace, and a lot of fruits and vegetables grew.
The fruits and vegetables are not only bigger than those outside, but also have a faintly sweet smell, which is more than enough to feed themselves.

Later, she caught some chickens and ducks from space, took it out and was able to eat a few eggs everyday.

The days are slowly getting better. 

At the edge of the spring, there is a huge stone tablet with a hidden function.
On the tablet, you can see the weather and temperature for the next thirty days, equivalent to a modern weather forecast.

But this function doesn’t seem to be of much use for her at the moment.

After she finished harvesting all the corn in the space, she planted some common herbs.
She had found these herbs on the overgrown slopes of the Cold Palace two days ago.
She especially took some seeds back.

In her previous life, she had studied medicine for 20 years in the old medical school and knew the effects of herbs like the back of her hand.
She wanted to make some anti-inflammatory pills to stop the bleeding and sell it.

She couldn’t sell the little yellow book, but she still had to earn money.

When she finished, it was dawn.
She yawned and washed up before falling asleep.

However, at Li Xia Palace, the two sides were already fighting when the emperor went over to the palace.

The emperor is furious!

The moment the emperor had originally bumped into a subordinate who was lewd and disorderly in the harem in a side hall of Li Xia Palace.
The next moment, he saw the people of Li Xia Palace and the people of Liu Yun Palace fighting.

On the first day when they were conferred a title as concubines (Feizi) .
The two concubines were so jealous of each other that the harem was in a complete mess and they had no grace or composure as concubines.
The Emperor, in a fit of rage, demoted them to guìrén and grounded them for a month.

In his anger, the Emperor downgraded them to the rank of noble princess

The next morning, in the early morning,he managed the imperial study room. 

After leaving the morning court held by a sovereign, Ji Wu Jue changed into a dark purple and gold dragon robe.
His long black ink-like hair was tied up with a purple pearl crown.
His handsome face was as perfect as if it had been carefully carved.Just by sitting there, he had the aura of a man who looked down on all things with pride, it was as if this man was born to be an emperor.

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