Chapter 4 : 娘娘真是太厉害

Her Majesty (Niang Niang) is really too awesome

Note : 娘娘: Niang Niang [addressing or referring to an empress or an imperial concubine]

“Your Majesty, you’ve finally returned!” After seeing Lu Yunluo, Yin Shuang’s heart was finally at ease.
She had just returned from the back palace (the imperial harem; palace of imperial concubines) in front of her and heard that the two concubines from Li Xia Palace and Liu Yun Palace were having an unbearable fight.


Although there was a huge change in the palace on the night of Her Majesty’s wedding, the late Emperor died.
The next day, the emperor, who had ascended to the throne, ordered her to be banish to the cold palace, but Niang Niang was the crown prince’s concubine (wife of a prince) whom the emperor had properly or seriously married before he ascended to the throne.

Although she was sent to the cold palace without being crowned queen, she was also equal to the identity of the empress (Huang Hou) and such a sensitive identity must not be involved in the concubine’s palace fight, it was bad enough to fend for herself (with her own effort) in the cold palace for half a year, and just in case, if the two concubines be concerned about her, not to mention her peaceful life, she might even lose her life.

“Your Majesty, before it was the imperial harem that was vacant and no one would think of us, but now that there are two new masters in the harem, you will be all right ah, so don’t go to the front.”

“Rest assured ba, I have my own plan!” According to the original body’s memory, she had never been to the palace at all before she got married, and the night she married into the crowned prince’s residence, she also kept her head covered.
She had never even seen her bridegroom, let alone other people. 

On the second day of her marriage, she was sent straight to the cold palace of the palace, and only one maid, Yin Shuang, was left for her, even if she ran outside and told others that she was the bride who was sent to the cold palace on the second day of her marriage, she afraid that no one would believe her.

What’s more, she was particularly cautious whenever she returned to the Cold Palace.
No one would find her.

Lu Yunluo took out the jade pendant from her bosom to see how much it could be sold for.

It was not bad in color, crystal clear, moist and lustrous, and it felt extremely good in the hand, so it should be a top quality jade pendant.

“Niang Niang, where did you get this jade pendant?”

“Here, just now, this is a jade pendant that someone had just bought a picture book because he didn’t bring the silver with him so he exchanged it with the jade pendant.
Let’s save up the silver for a little longer.
It should be enough to bribe the eunuchs and elderly ladies who are in charge of going out of the palace.” In a few days, she will let Eunuch Cheng, who is going out of the palace in order to make purchases to take it and pawn it.
She had been in this world for more than half a year, and had saved a lot of silver by selling dirty books yet now she finally saw a glimmer of hope of leaving the palace. 

Anyway, people in the palace have long forgotten about her, so she can save up some silver, disguise herself, and give the eunuchs in charge a few tips and let them add two names to the list of people leaving the palace.
By then she could be thoroughly out of this big cage for good.

“Niang Niang, you are too awesome!” Yin Shuang was simply in awe (admire her from the bottom of her heart) of her family Niang Niang. 

Ever since Her Majesty had fallen seriously ill and nearly died seven months ago, Her Majesty seemed like a different person.

Wilfully, a book of paintings can fetch as much as ten taels, now there are even people who offer jade pendant in exchange.
She was really curious about what Her Majesty’s picture books were all about, but unfortunately, Her Majesty never let her see it, and she wouldn’t even let her help.

“Niang Niang, can you teach me how to draw too?” As a maid, she relied on Niang Niang to stay up all night painting and running around selling paintings to support her, suddenly she felt really useless as a maid.

“Cough cough cough…” Lu Yunluo was caught off guard and choked on her saliva, how could she let Yin Shuang know that what she was selling was the little yellow books?

“Well, this, the market is now saturated, the picture books are no longer selling.” Lu Yunluo said in a serious manner.

It was also true that there were more and more people in the palace who had the little yellow (pornographic) books, and now very few people came here to buy them from her.

“Yin Shuang, today the emperor went to Li Xia Palace first, then does it mean that you have to give me ten taels of silver ah?” Lu Yunluo suddenly remembered this important matter and narrowed her eyes as she rushed over.

“Ai ya, Niang Niang, this servant is still boiling water in the woodshed, I’ll go and fetch it for you to wash up.” Yin Shuang suddenly slapped her own head and quickly ran away like a streak of smoke. 

“This damned girl, if you lose then you lose, what are you running for?!” Lu Yunluo snorted coldly.
After she returned to her room, her body flashed and she arrived at her own space.

This space was her biggest secret as well as her crossing over to this world. 

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