Chapter 2 : 你也是来偷看的?

Are you here to peek too?

Turning her head, she was met with a pair of dark eyes as black as ink, and by the faint light coming from the room at her feet, she could only vaguely see the simple outline of this man.

Lu Yunluo put down her hand, somewhat awkwardly, coughed lightly a few times and asked, “Did you come here to peep too?”

Ji Wu Jue (Silent Wu Jue) frowned, he didn’t have this kind of particular hobby, but he didn’t want to open his mouth to explain either.

Didn’t say anything? Is this a tacit acceptance?

That’s right, what else would a man who climbed up on a roof in the middle of the night do but to peek at what men and women were doing?

Wait, wait a minute, isn’t this the kind of person who would be the perfect customer for her little porn book?

Thinking of this, Lu Yunluo’s eyes glowed and she leaned over to him with a sneaky smile, lowering her voice and saying, “I have the out of print version of the erotic pornografic picture here! It’s definitely better than the live broadcast, and it’s only ten taels of silver, definitely a great deal!”

This book was her proud of herself masterpiece, based on the classic action of those 21st century island movies.
In the half year since she transmigrated over, it was only by selling small pornographic books that she earned some silver to maintain her life in the cold palace.

A pornographic picture?

Ji Wu Jue never imagined that one day in his harem, someone would blatantly sell him a spring palace picture.

“How about it? Ten taels of silver is a super deal, moreover, there is no risk, you see it’s quite immoral for you to climb on people’s roofs like this every night, isn’t it?” Lu Yunluo meant what she said, not even realizing that she was the one who was immoral for climbing on people’s roofs.

Ji Wu Jue’s handsome face was tense with a chilling expression as he tried to see the figure opposite him clearly. Did this woman even know what she was doing?

Deep dark eyes searched the figure opposite him, the night was so thick that he could only vaguely see the simple outline of the woman and the glittering starry eyes.

Looking into those expectant eyes, he was suddenly interested, “Yes, but, I don’t bring any silver with me.”

“Don’t have any silver with you?” Lu Yunluo’s face instantly went cold, no silver and still made her talk in here for a long time.
Isn’t this teasing her?

“What do you think of this jade pendant?” Ji Wu Jue doings of ghosts and gods—doing something unexpected as he took out his own accompanying jade pendant.

Lu Yunluo took the jade pendant.
The warmth of the jade pendant immediately came from the palm of her hand.
Although the night was dark and the color of the jade pendant could not be seen.
From the warm feel of the jade pendant in her hand, she could tell that this jade pendant must be worth a lot of money.

Earned a big profit! 

Lu Yunluo was afraid that the man would turn back in the next second, so she immediately put the jade pendant into her arms, and the smile on her face became brighter and brighter, and she instantly felt that the dark figure opposite her was much more pleasing to the eyes.

The little yellow dirty book that she pulled out of her arms was thrown over, “Here, take it, today this lady is in a good mood today, come here and I’ll give you a drink.”

A jug of wine was also placed at the side of the cave.
She had made it from the lotus flowers in early July and it had been sealed for a month.
It tastes fresh and refreshing, and its purity is low, so it’s not easy to get drunk.
It’s perfect for chatting and relaxing.

Ji Wu Jue took the cup of wine handed to him by the opposite party, and a fragrant smell of lotus flowers came to his nose, and when he tasted it, it tasted surprisingly good.

Lu Yunluo sat down at the edge of the tunnel entrance and poured herself another cup by making use of the light of the cave, “How about it, it tastes good, right?”

Ji Wu Jue drank the rest of the wine in one go, as an emperor, he had surprisingly never known that lotus flower brew wine could taste so good.

“Did you brew this yourself?” He lifted his eyes in the direction of Lu Yunluo, and with this look, he suddenly paused.

With the light coming through the tunnel entrance, he finally got a clear look at the woman’s face.

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