e that good but at least with firm muscles and six pack abs.” Lu Yunluo’s eyes narrowed as she thought of many ‘young fresh meat’ in a line standing in front of her, waiting for her to choose and the mere thought of that scene made her feel excited. 

Yin Shuang looked at the Emperor with the purple and gold crown in front of him.
His face gradually turned cold, as his aura was also getting piercingly cold. Yin Shuang was simply on the verge of tears, ‘Niang Niang, can you please stop talking?’

“Oh yeah, that’s right, tomorrow, you bring our silver in the morning, go to Eunuch Cheng and get the silver and then go straight to that grandma Chen to take care of our case to get out of the palace.” She was slightly tipsy and knew she was probably drunk from her greedy drinking.
(excessively fond of drinking; predilection for alcohol).
She had thought the wine was not too strong, but now it seemed likely to be very strong.

Before it gets too late, she would like to talk about it while she still has a clear head.
It would be bad if she slept through the night and forgot about it in the morning, after all, this was something that could not be delayed, it would be ‘a long night is fraught with dreams’.
(A long delay means trouble or After a delay comes a let.) 

“Also, we must not tell anyone about our plan to go out of the palace, do you hear me?” Lu Yunluo added after a moment’s thought.

Yin Shuang, this girl is too honest, she couldn’t lie. 

As soon as the words left her mouth, Yin Shuang fell to her knees.

His Majesty’s aura and gaze now were so frightening!

“Yin Shuang? What’s wrong with you?” Lu Yunluo raised and swept her eyes in the direction of the front yard.

“No… nothing.” Yin Shuang said with a stammer.

Lu Yunluo hadn’t noticed that for most of the year, only the two of them who live in the cold palace, “Yin Shuang, come over here and give me a squeeze on my shoulder!”

She felt a soreness in both of her shoulders.

Behind her, the sound of footsteps gradually came.

As soon as Ji Wu Jue entered the backyard alone, he saw the woman lying on a bed hanging from two trees.

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