he Cold Palace.

If he remembered correctly, the entire Cold Palace did not seem to be inhabited by anyone other than Taizi Fei that he had married legally before ascending to the throne.

Come to speak of it, so she was Lu Yunluo, the first daughter of Lu Ding Yuan?

This first daughter of Prime Minister Lu was said to be well educated, quiet, gentle, refined and dignified.

No matter what, he could not, in any way, associate such a woman with the bold and presumptuous woman he had known? 

She had aroused his curiosity.

It seemed that tonight, he would have to make a trip to the Cold Palace. 

The silver moon was like a disk, the stars shone, and the night breeze brushed .

Yin Shuang had just finished the work at hand and was about to go to the back yard to speak to Her Niang Niang about a handsome and imposing man who came into the courtyard, followed by an eunuch behind him.

She had seen this eunuch a few times before, at the time when she was walking around the back palace, so he was Cao Zhong Quan, the famous and favorite eunuch in charge of the Emperor’s side.

There would be no one else in this imperial harem other than the Emperor who could have Eunuch Cao serving alongside him!

Especially the man in front of her, with his intimidating expression in his eyes, just swept her casually yet she couldn’t help but feel the urge to kneel down.

He is the Emperor!

His Majesty is coming to the Cold Palace!

Her mouth dropped open in shock at this realization, and in her daze, she even forgot to salute.

The backyard,

Lu Yunluo, who hadn’t noticed the commotion in the front yard, was lying comfortably, wearing a clean and comfortable slip dress, in the hammock in the backyard, half-squinting her eyes as she swayed leisurely in the hammock.

On the stone table beside, she put a jug of grape wine that had already been drunk more than half. 

She had made this grape wine from grapes grown in the space, and when she was in the space today she suddenly smelt its mellow and rich wine aroma, so she brought a jug out to try it.

The taste was mellow and sweet, obviously it had only been put in the space for a month, but it was comparable to 20 to 30 years of red wine, and the taste seemed to be a bit different from the red wines she used to drink, it tasted good anyway.

Unconsciously he had drunk more than half of it.

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