rticularly good looking and that two years ago, His Majesty was ranked second in the list of beautiful men in Dong Lan Kingdom.”

“A list of beautiful men? There is such a ranking list?” It was the first time Lu Yunluo had heard of it.
That demonically handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.
She didn’t expect that a handsome man of this level would only be ranked second.
If the second place was so handsome, wouldn’t the first place fly sky-high to heaven?

Wait until she leaves the palace, she must go and meet the first place winner.

Wait, wait… 

Lu Yunluo suddenly raised her head, “You this girl, if you already knew about this news, why didn’t you tell me?”

It caused her to misidentify even the Emperor! 

As a result, she had made a big fool of herself!

“This servant was previously thinking that anyway, the emperor doesn’t come to our place here so I thought it would be useless to even say it…,” Yin Shuang said in a small voice.

“In the future, such important gossip, remember to always report it to me in time, okay?” Lu Yunluo said with a serious face, anything that has to do with a handsome guy is a big deal.

“This servant already knows Niang Niang.”

“Hn.” Lu Yunluo nodded in satisfaction, this girl was quite understanding.

“So now you hurry up and tell me who is number one on this beauty man ranking list?” Lu Yunluo moved over with a gossipy face.

Yin Shuang, however, was puzzled, “Niang Niang, didn’t you know the number one?”

“Should I know about it?” Lu Yunluo thought back for a moment, it was the first time she had even heard of the beautiful handsome man ranking list.

“You’ve really forgotten about it?” Yin Shuang was a little puzzled and suddenly thought of something, since that time, there were some things that her Niang Niang did not seem to remember, especially….

Lu Yunluo’s eyes widened, “Don’t keep me guessing, speak quickly.”

Yin Shuang suddenly shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle, “This servant can’t say it.”

“You, this little girl, you’ve turned against me? You don’t even listen to me anymore?”

“Niang Niang, this servant really can’t say it!” As if she was afraid that the next moment Lu Yunluo would force her to confess, so after Yin Shuang finished her sentence, she ran away in an instant.

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