Chapter 19: 摆驾流云宫

Visit the Liu Yun Palace 

“Empress Mother, my firstborn son must only be born from my Empress, I hope that Empress Mother will not press me any further!” Ji Wu Jue’s eyes were cold.

“How dare you (Impudent)!” The Empress Dowager violently slammed the small tea cup in her hand onto the ground, instantly splitting it into pieces and splashing the tea in all directions.

The palace maids in the room instantly fell to their knees in fear.

“One day without a male heir, are you prepared to treat your imperial concubines coldly day after day? The royal bloodline (imperial family) absolutely must not be broken!”

 “If you still neglect them tonight, then in the future, then don’t acknowledge me as your mother!” The Empress Dowager’s words were heavy, and between the lines, she had an unyielding attitude that would not allow disobedience (unfilial). 

Ji Wu Jue’s chest continued to rise and fall as if he was patiently holding it back, “This son dare not!”

“Since you don’t dare, you must pick one from the two Guiren today.” The Empress Dowager’s expression relaxed a lot.
She brought back the tea handed to her by the palace maid, uncovering the lid and blowing on the hot air.

“My son, just go then!” Ji Wu Jue seemed to be forced by the Empress Dowager to be utterly helpless; having no alternative, waving his sleeve and leaving.

The Empress Dowager took a shallow sip of the hot tea.
Her eyes shot a glance, faintly discernible, at one of the palace maids who had been standing in the dark shadow lowering their heads, “All of you, withdraw ba!”

“Yes, Your Highness (Taihou Niang Niang).”

The moment Ji Wu Jue had just come out of the Ning Xin Palace, his personal eunuch Cao Zhong Quan had been waiting outside for a long time.

“Your Majesty, Xiao Lu Zi indeed has taken the opportunity to slip away as you expected, and this servant has already secretly sent someone to follow him.”

“Hn.” Ji Wu Jue nodded, he knew that woman would not stay honestly in the Yang Xin Hall but it was good that she had slipped away, since he still had important things to do tonight.

“Is everything ready at Lan Guiren’s place?”

“Answering your question, Your Majesty, everything is already properly prepared, even the bridal veil (used to cover the face) for the bridal chamber already prepared in advance, so that nothing can be seen.” Cao Zhong Quan’s face was respectful, but inwardly he was very puzzled, that Lan Guiren, in any case, is the princess from the Liu kingdom, although her personality was arrogant and despotic, but her appearance was first class.It was clear that he was going to stay at the Liu Yun Palace tonight yet the Emperor is unwilling to show special favor towards her.
He is really unable to tell what the emperor is thinking about. 

Ji Wu Jue nodded, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up in a cold smile, “Prepare to visit the Liu Yun Palace.”


The next day, the news of the Emperor’s stay at Liu Yun Palace was widely known in the palace.
The wedding veil used to consummate the marriage was sent to Ning Xin Palace in a high profile manner.
The Empress Dowager was overjoyed and rewarded Liu Yun Palace with a lot of things.
In a short while, the Liu Yun Palace’s popularity overshadowed that of Li Xia Palace.

At this time, the atmosphere in Li Xia Palace was heavy.

Yao Guiren is lying on a soft couch in the main hall, shaking a futon fan.
On the red mahogany table is a basin of ice, emitting a slight cooling sensation.

“Niang Niang, the servant has inquired this morning, last night the emperor had an argument with the empress dowager in NingXin Palace, and it is said that the empress dowager was so angry that she dropped her tea and forced the emperor to hurry up and consummate the marriage.” Chen Mama waited carefully by the side of Yao Guiren.

“Then did the Empress Dowager explicitly request which palace the Emperor should go to first?”Yao Guiren ‘s tone was indifferent and the look on her face could not be seen.

“This Empress Dowager did not request it.” Chen Mama frowned.

This is what she can’t be able to guess.

Why would the Emperor go to Liu Yun Palace first and not come to Li Xia Palace?

Now that Lan Guiren has already gained a head start, if she is thus favored and pregnant with the heir, then…

That would be really very disadvantageous to Yao Guiren.

“Ben Gong’s father is a first-rate general in the garrison post and holds half a million soldiers in his hands, so it’s normal for the emperor to be scrupulous.” Yao Guiren shook the palm leaf fan in her hand and said slowly.

“Niang Niang, are you saying that the emperor was wary of General Bai?” Chen Mama’s face was frozen.
It’s indeed true that for any emperor to guard against; take precautions against a general who held half a million soldiers in his hands, “What should we do then? In case the Emperor deliberately ignores or treats Niang Niang coldly because of this.
Then he will never come to Niang Niang’s place here.
Wouldn’t this Niang Niang never have a chance to be in the limelight?”

“That is also most unlikely, the Emperor will more or less give me some face for my father’s sake.”

“Niang Niang, why are you not in a hurry ah? What if that Lan Guiren becomes pregnant in the meantime, what should we do?”

Yao Guiren rose and smiled coldly, “It’s not an easy matter for a woman to conceive, Chen Mama, what do you think?”

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