Chapter 1:  这是皇上?

Is this the Emperor?

The night was lonely, cold and without sound. 

A pink, delicate and thin figure sneaked onto the roof of the Li Xia (黎霞) Palace, so after looking around, found a place to sit down.

Today was the day the emperor took in an imperial concubine, moreover it was two concubines at the same time.

One was Consort Bai Mu Yao Yao, the most favored daughter of today’s first-ranked general, and the other was Princess Liu Zhi Lan Lan from Liu Kingdom

All eyes were on the Emperor’s every move and action, wanting to see which side of the bridal chamber the Emperor would go to first tonight.

No matter which side the Emperor goes to first tonight, he will inevitably offend the other side.

Today, she had made a bet with Yin Shuang that the emperor would definitely come to Consort Yao’s residence in the Li Xia Palace first, after all, the important border area still depended on her father to guard it.

As for the princess of the Liu kingdom, the Liu kingdom is a hundred thousand miles away from here, and by the time the news gets through, the day lily flowers will be cold.
The Liu kingdom would not stir up strife between the two countries over such a trivial matter.

She was sure to win the ten taels of silver from Yin Shuang.

Lu Yunluo leisurely took out a packet of her homemade popcorn and a pot of freshly brewed lotus wine from her bosom, everything was ready before she lifted a piece of rubble from the roof.

As soon as it was lifted, an indescribable sound came from inside.


The sound instantly startled her with goose bumps.

She was also too lucky to have casually stumbled upon the Emperor’s wedding night.

Lu Yunluo stuffed a few popcorn into her mouth and sneakily peeked into the room below, but she only saw a middle-aged uncle on a spacious bed with a unwanted flabby body, and when she looked upwards, that look of him was really not complimentary.

Lu Yunluo was somewhat fed up, suddenly the popcorn didn’t smell good anymore in her mouth.
Is this the emperor?

It’s too ugly,isn’t it?

Lu Yunluo’s originally excited eyes instantly darkened. Forget about it,it’s better not to look at it. She was afraid to go back and grow a pinprick. 

She was about to get up and leave when the sound of climax came from below.Lu Yunluo was stupefied, Is it already finished just like this? 

One minute?

Lu Yunluo suddenly felt some sympathy for those women in the harem, it was really tough for them!

At the same time, she was very glad that she had been banished to the cold palace a long time ago, otherwise, she would have had to die headlong if she had to wait for the emperor’s visit all day for such a middle-aged uncle’s pleasure.

She can’t stay here for long, so she’s better get out of here as soon as possible.
Putting the popcorn back into her pocket, just as she was about to put away the wine, a cold voice suddenly came to her ears, “What are you doing?”

Lu Yunluo was startled and immediately turned to cover the person’s mouth, lowering her voice and saying, “Shhh! Keep your voice down!”

“It’s the emperor’s bridal chamber down there, if you’re found out, then you’re finished!”

Lu Yunluo glared fiercely at the visitor, while gesturing with her chin to the room underneath the tunnel entrance, if this was discovered, she might be arrested directly as an assassin.

The man frowned slightly, the emperor? The wedding night?

Wasn’t he standing right here properly? When did the wedding night start?

And who was this woman?

Long, narrow, deep and cold eyes silently surveyed Lu Yunluo in the dim of night.

But the night was as pitch dark as ink, so he couldn’t see the woman’s face, but the bright starry eyes shone brightly in the night, and the light breeze brushed the tip of his nose with a faint fragrance that smelled surprisingly good.

“Really annoying…” The woman’s weak and numb voice caught the two of them off guard.

Lu Yunluo’s goosebumps fell off as she listened, she didn’t expect this Consort Yao, at certain aspects of skill, to be quite good.

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