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Eunuch Cheng was simply moved to tears.

As you know that in the past few days, he had been tortured by the emperor to the point of becoming no longer like a human shape anymore because of this lotus wine, especially after the news of the bounty offered by Lan Guiren spread, almost every lotus flower in the entire palace had been plucked.

Formerly, he was worried about what to do if the emperor wanted to drink lotus wine again tomorrow, yet this Xiao Lu Zi brought it to him.

And it was a lotus wine that had been brewed for a month.

Eunuch Cheng was so happy that he smiled, this Xiao Lu Zi was simply like a lucky star sent by God ah. 

“Oh yeah, by the way, that jade pendant of yours was pawned for five hundred taels, I didn’t take any of it, I gave it all to you.” Eunuch Cheng threw her a heavy small parcel, which besides silver also contained some daily necessities she desperately needed.

Eunuch Cheng then got up and carried three more heavy parcels from the room and put them under Lu Yunluo’s feet.

These three big parcels were really heavy and contained the broken stones that Xiao Lu Zi had asked him to bring back from outside the palace.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Lu Zi usually asked him to bring some weird and wonderful things, he couldn’t help to think that this Xiao Lu Zi was joking with him.

“Xiao Lu Zi, it’s not that I’m talking about you, what do you need this pile of broken stones for?” Eunuch Cheng really couldn’t understand.

This pile of broken stones had really taken him a lot of effort to get it into the palace.

“You have worked hard, next time I’ll cook you a delicious meal!” Lu Yunluo smiled happily, these stones were not just broken stones to her, but they were of great use to her.

It was also thanks to this Eunuch Cheng, otherwise she would not have been able to find anyone willing to bring in so much sulfur for her.

She had met with Cheng Eunuch by chance four months ago, when she was grilling fish at a remote pond, then this Eunuch came over because he smelled the roast fish and since then, the two had formed a deep friendship over food.

“Xiau Li Zi, quickly go inside and cut some more meat (in the plate) over.
Come, let’s continue eating.”

When Ji Wu Jue received shadow’s report and came to the entrance of Qing Zhu Courtyard, what he saw was that kind of sight.

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