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“Pa!” With this loud sound, Cui Yushan received another slap on the left side of her face.

Yin Shuang slapped Cui Yushan for ten times before stopping.

“Go back and tell your master that Ben Gong living in the Cold Palace is not in anyone’s way, so if she still doesn’t like me, feel free to bring it on!”

Lu Yunluo’s eyes were cold, as it seemed to be a warning and a declaration of war.

Chen Mama did not know from where this Lu Yunluo’s strength came from? When the day of her Niang Niang is removed from her prohibition arrives.
Let’s see if she (Lu Yunluo) will still be as arrogant as she is today, “Let’s go!”

As she was leaving, she gave Lu Yunluo a deep look.

This woman, if she is not stupid or has something to rely on.
Could it be that the Emperor has come to the Cold Palace in the past few days? 

It seems that when she returns, she has to probe some information secretly.

After the two of them left, Yin Shuang looked worried, “Niang Niang! Has this servant gotten you into trouble?”

If the Niang Niang hadn’t stood up for her, she wouldn’t have offended the people around Yao Guiren.

Lu Yunluo pulled Yin Shuang over and looked carefully at the redness and swelling on her face and said, “These two people didn’t have good intentions when they came here today so you don’t need to take it to heart.”

“But, it seems like we’ll be able to leave the palace in ten days.
What if that Yao Guiren sends someone over to look for trouble again, then what should we do?”

“Don’t worry, that Yao Guiren is still grounded and probably only came today to check on the situation in the Cold Palace.
She has just entered the palace and has been demoted from a concubine (Feizi) to Guiren.
She has also been grounded by the emperor, so even if her hand stretches any further, it will have to wait until she is unbound.” 

By then, she had already left the palace with Yin Shuang.

She was sure of this, therefore she dared to speak harshly to that Chen Mama.

However, this Yao Guiren had only been in the palace for a few days yet she is already so eager to pry into the situation in the Cold Palace.
Is the Queen’s throne that good?

It’s disgusting to think of having to please or to curry favor with that greasy, fat, middle-aged emperor for all day long.

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