Qian followed her into the ward and saw the man sleeping on the bed.

Her eyes glazed over for a moment.

This man was actually so handsome!

Okay, at this moment, she felt that Madam Fu had the right to say whatever he said.


Even if this man was unconscious, she felt that he was indeed out of her league.

Madam Fu walked toward the bed.
Her gaze softened as she looked at her son.

“Sinian, Mother is here to see you.”

Bai, how is Sinian these days?”

“Quite stable,” Dr.
Bai replied softly.
He glanced at Shi Qian.
“This is the young madam?”

“Yes.” Madam Fu nodded.
“Shi Qian, come here.
I have something to tell you.”

Shi Qian looked away and followed Madam Fu to the sofa.

Bai also walked over with a medical record in his hand.

“Do you know my ultimate goal of letting you marry Sinian?” Madam Fu asked Shi Qian.

Shi Qian shook her head.
She did not want to guess and replied directly, “Please go ahead, Madam.”

“You should call me Mom instead.”

Shi Qian was a little embarrassed, but she still opened her mouth and said, “Mom.”

Madam Fu took another wad of money out of her purse.
There were probably tens of thousands.

“This is the change of address fee.”


“Thanks, Mom.” Shi Qian accepted it immediately.

That much money could buy a lot of supplements for Mom!

She could also arrange a more comfortable ward for her mother.

After her Mom was discharged from the hospital, she could rent a better house for her to recuperate in the capital.

It felt so good to be rich!

Seeing the unconcealable excitement when Shi Qian took the money, Madam Fu felt disdain in her heart.

It was good to love money.

The Fu family did not lack money.

“I want you to give birth to a child for Sinian,” Madam Fu said again.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Indeed, money was not easy to earn!

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