after this injection.”

“No, no, I came to get my own things.
I live upstairs.
It’s not convenient to leave them here,” Shi Qian said quickly.

With that, she turned and went to pack her things.

“Sigh! It’s not good for newlyweds to live separately.
It affects your relationship.
Relationships are developed from sleeping together.”

Shi Qian was embarrassed by Bai Jianshen’s words.

What kind of husband and wife were she and Fu Sinian?

Besides, sleeping together… What difference did it make if they lived together or not?

She took on such a good job now and made six thousand a day.
She didn’t want to waste time.

When she got back to her room later, she was going to start recording.

Nothing was more important than money!

After packing her things, Shi Qian said to Bai Jianshen, “Dr.
Bai, I’ll leave first.”

Bai Jianshen looked at Shi Qian’s back and shook his head with a smile.

Young Master Fu did not care about the young lady.
Actually, the young lady did not care much about him.

Fu Sinian was much more comfortable when Shi Qian entered.

Shi Qian entered the room and said a few words.
The effect was better than ten minutes of listening to the recording.

He was now one hundred percent sure that Shi Qian’s voice could cure his headache.

He was prepared to hide this.

He would be fine as long as he had the streamer’s voice.

Unless there was no other choice, he would never choose Shi Qian.

As soon as Shi Qian returned to her room, she prepared the recording device.

Since there were no restrictions on the content, she casually found some lines that she usually dubbed.

The flexibility of her voice allowed her to easily act as a few characters.

She switched freely between characters.

While earning money, he could also practice dubbing.

She hoped that this soft-hearted God of Fortune would not get tired of hearing her voice so quickly and let her earn more money.

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