This Beached Whale was too difficult to find!

Last time, after his call had been blocked, he had changed his phone to call that number but it was switched off.

It wasn’t easy to find this WeChat account.
It took so long to get a message.

Jiang Feng, who had never spoken to a girl alone, was so nervous that his palms were sweating.

He was afraid of being rejected again.

Shi Qian looked at the phone, not quite understanding what this person meant.

She typed a message.

[Beached Whale]: What do you want?

[Woodwind]: There’s no requirement.
Just say what you usually say during your live broadcast.
Give me a price for 30 minutes.

Shi Qian frowned at the words.

Could it be a fanatical fan who watched her to fall asleep during the live broadcast?

When she broadcasted every day, no one cherished it.

She stopped broadcasting and her voice became precious.
Someone even came to her and asked her to record it.

She continued typing her reply.

[Beached Whale]: Three thousand yuan for thirty minutes.

[Mu Feng]: Okay! I’ll transfer a thousand yuan to you first.
Can you record it and give it to me within 24 hours?

[Beached Whale]: I’ll give it to you before 12pm tomorrow.

As soon as she finished typing, she received a transfer message.

A thousand dollars had been transferred.

She tapped receive.

She felt that the money had come too easily.

But no matter how easy it was, she earned it on her own.

Jiang Feng put down his phone and immediately walked towards Bai Jianshen’s room.

Bai, the streamer has been contacted.
She promised to record an audio recording for half an hour and send it to me by 12pm tomorrow afternoon.”

“That’s great.
We can get the results tomorrow.” Bai Jianshen was already looking forward to the effect tomorrow.

… .

The next morning, Shi Qian left the sanatorium.

She found a cheap hotel and booked a room for an hour.

She took out the recording device and recorded the audio.

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