Shi Qian was even more embarrassed.
“Director Zheng, you’re usually too low-key.”

“Let’s go for the audition.” Director Zheng walked in front.

Shi Qian and Xiao Hua followed him into the recording studio.

Director Zheng first showed Shi Qian a clip.

This scene was a scene of the female lead punishing the servants after she was chased back to the countryside by her father and bullied by a group of servants.

Shi Qian quickly turned to the page of lines.
As she tried to figure out the female lead’s expression, she silently read the lines in her heart.

Director Zheng looked at the script in Shi Qian’s hand.
It was marked with various colored fluorescent pens.

Besides, he had picked this scene at random.
Shi Qian could actually turn to this page of lines immediately.

It was obvious that she had worked hard and read the entire script.

Director Zheng had a particularly good first impression of Shi Qian.

He liked people who were punctual and hardworking the most.
Shi Qian was both.

“Director Zheng, I’m done.”

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Shi Qian immediately adjusted her emotions and slowly leaned towards the microphone in front of her.

In the receiver, her breathing changed from light to heavy.
Naturally, it was excessive.

“I’m the eldest daughter of the first wife of the Hou family.
Even the current Madam Hou, the second daughter of my father’s stepmother, has to bow to me.” The voice was calm and firm.

The voice stopped here.

Then came the dubbing lines, which were sarcastic.

“The eldest daughter of the Duke Mansion? She was driven to a village! She still thinks she’s a high and mighty phoenix! In the Duke’s heart, there’s only Second Miss! Who do you think you are!”

“You’ll be waiting for death in a village for the rest of your life!”

Shi Qian’s voice sounded again.
“In the Hou family’s manor, every blade of grass, tree, human, and animal is part of the property.
I’m here today to be the owner of this manor.
Who gave you the courage to speak so arrogantly?”

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