221 Shi Qian Was the Initiator

“Qin Hao’s beating is related to Shi Qian.
As far as I know, Shi Qian took the initiative to seduce Qin Hao, so Qin Hao was bewitched by Shi Qian.
However, Shi Qian’s status is too high.
After seducing him, she didn’t let Qin Hao obtain any practical benefits.”

When Madam Qin heard this, a trace of resentment flashed across her eyes.
“I think this little bitch is not a good person!”

“That day, Qin Hao went to the Chinese Drama Academy to look for Shi Qian and was beaten up by Shi Qian’s cousin.
Qin Hao cared about his face and was afraid that things would blow up.
Not only could he not woo Shi Qian, but he was also beaten up because of this matter.
It spread like wildfire.”

Madam Qin nodded.
“That’s true.
He cares about his reputation!”

“I think Qin Hao is really obsessed with Shi Qian and has some sincerity.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to look for Shi Qian again.
That’s all I know about Qin Hao being beaten.
However, someone told me something about last night today.
I don’t know if it has anything to do with Shi Qian.”

Sincere? Such a woman was worthy of sincerity?! Madam Qin was so angry that her chest heaved.

“President Su, tell me quickly, what did others tell you? I feel that this matter might be related to Shi Qian!”

Su Ruoqing looked at Madam Qin’s reaction and a smile flashed across her eyes.

“A friend I know was also at Qin Hao’s clubhouse yesterday.
According to him, he saw Shi Qian’s cousin and suspected that Shi Qian’s cousin deliberately caused a conflict and angered Qin Hao.”

“It’s him again!” Madam Qin clenched her fists angrily.
“President Su, what kind of background does he have?”

“He’s from the Fu family,” Su Ruoqing said slowly.

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“Fu family? Fu Sinian?”

“No, it’s not Fu Sinian.
It’s Fu Sinian’s bodyguard, Jiang Feng.”

“Bodyguard?” Madam Qin sneered.
“How dare a bodyguard hit my son! Do you really think he can do as he pleases just because he’s related to the Fu family?”

“That’s all I know.
Madam Qin, no matter what, you should think of a way to smooth things over and get Qin Hao out early.”

Madam Qin could not smooth things over and could only wait for news from Qin Hao’s father.

However, she could deal with Shi Qian!

This matter had started because of Shi Qian.
She would never let Shi Qian off!

“I won’t let this little b*tch Shi Qian off!” At this moment, Madam Qin already hated Shi Qian to the core!

“Shi Qian has been in the limelight recently.
After fighting with Sun Feifei, she has the advantage.
She’s already showing signs of entering the entertainment industry.”

“She can forget about standing out!”

“I also heard that Shi Qian has been recording dubbing for Director Zheng’s new drama recently.
Her career has already started.”

“Director Zheng’s show? It seems that we also work with this show.”

“I’m not sure about that.
It’s getting late.
I should go back.
Madam Qin, if there’s any news from Qin Hao, please contact me immediately.
I don’t want to delay our cooperation because of this matter.”

“President Su, don’t worry.
Even if Qin Hao doesn’t come out for a while, we’ll arrange for someone to liaise with you.
It won’t affect our cooperation.”

“That’s good.” Su Ruoqing stood up and left.

After Madam Qin sent Su Ruoqing out, she made a call.

“We also invested in Director Zheng’s new drama, right?” she asked directly.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Call Director Zheng immediately and ask him to remove Shi Qian as a dubber and choose another voice actress!”

“Madam, I’m afraid that’s a little difficult.
This drama is directed by Director Zheng.
Many investors are queuing up with money to invest.
We occupy a little of the shares.
President Qin previously wanted to give an artiste a supporting role, but he was rejected, let alone interfere with post-production.”


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