215 You’re the One Who Came to My Room

Shi Qian tried to suck it into her mouth but could not eat it.

Fu Sinian was still waiting for her to try harder.
Suddenly, she stopped moving!

He slowly looked up and realized that the little woman in his arms was breathing calmly.
She was asleep!

“Shi Qian, Shi Qian?” He called out twice, but she didn’t react at all!

Fu Sinian was depressed!

He spat the strawberry out of his mouth and threw it into the trash can.

She just went to sleep.
What was he going to do?

Could he still sleep?!

“Shi Qian! I’m ordering you to wake up immediately!” Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian up.

Shi Qian let him do whatever he wanted as if he had no bones.

“This damn woman!”

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Fu Sinian got up and headed for the room.

Half an hour later, he came out of her room wearing a bathrobe.

Shi Qian curled into a ball on the sofa.

He stepped forward and picked Shi Qian up.

Some time ago, it was difficult for him to stand.
Now, he felt relaxed carrying Shi Qian.
He felt that his legs should be about to heal.

He carried Shi Qian to the room and placed her on the bed.

Fu Sinian got up and prepared to leave.

Shi Qian turned over again and shrank into the shape of a shrimp.
He returned to the bed and touched her hand.

So cold!

He reached out under the covers again and touched her feet.
They were also cold.

How many months had it been? She was still so afraid of the cold? Even a cold shower was warmer than her body.

He looked toward the bed for the remote control for the air conditioner.
Suddenly, Shi Qian hugged his arm tightly.

He pulled back the blanket and lay on the bed.

Shi Qian immediately leaned towards him.

Her cold little hand reached into his bathrobe with precision.

Fu Sinian’s breathing deepened.
He looked down at her, feeling even more depressed.

His current role was just a heater for her!

The key was that he had volunteered!

… .

8:30 A.M.

Shi Qian slowly opened her eyes.
She was still in a daze and her mind was groggy.

She wanted to raise her hand and rub her brows.

She suddenly felt something strange.

There was someone else with her!

She was suddenly awake!

She looked up and saw Fu Sinian’s dark and handsome face.

“Ah!” she screamed in fear.

Fu Sinian had not slept well the entire night and was extremely uncomfortable.
He had just slept for a while when Shi Qian woke up!

Shi Qian wanted to jump out of bed, but she tripped over the blanket and fell down with it!

Fu Sinian heard a thud.

From the looks of it, her head had hit the ground first.

Shi Qian covered her head, still in shock.

What happened last night?

She and Fu Sinian…

She looked down at herself.
Her clothes were still fine.

It seemed that it was not what she had thought.

She slowly got to her feet and stuck her head out of the blanket.

Fu Sinian turned on his side and looked in the direction of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian quietly looked down and met Fu Sinian’s gaze.
She immediately lay back on the ground.

Why were she and Fu Sinian in the same bed?!

Her mind went blank.
She couldn’t think of anything.

“Get up!” Fu Sinian’s voice was cold.

Shi Qian climbed to her feet with a pained expression.

She sized up Fu Sinian and immediately felt her cheeks burning!

Fu Sinian was wearing a bathrobe that was mostly undone.

She had just touched his chest!

After taking a few deep breaths, Shi Qian found her voice.
She pretended to be relaxed and said, “Young Master Fu, why are we in the same room?”

“I should say that this is my room.
Your room is next door,” Fu Sinian replied coldly.

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