190 Wife Running Towards Another Man

He and Shi Qian could not be husband and wife, nor could he really leave her alone.

As long as she needed it, he would help her at any time.
He would treat it as repaying Grandpa Lin for saving his life.

Besides, the old master doted on Shi Qian so much.
Even if they got a divorce, they would still meet in the future.

He immediately felt better after sorting out the relationship.

For the rest of the day, no matter what, he had to restrain himself from doing anything outrageous to her.

Shi Qian’s clothes were wet and she shivered.

Seeing her like this, Fu Sinian took off his suit and draped it over her shoulders.

Shi Qian was startled and looked up at him.

His clothes had his warmth.
They were warm.

She pulled her shirt tighter, wanting to keep this trace of warmth to warm her cold body.

“Thank you.” She thanked him without a preamble.

“We’re almost home.
If Old Master sees you wet like this, he’ll definitely blame me,” Fu Sinian explained.

“Young Master Fu, don’t worry.
I know you hate me and won’t let my imagination run wild.” Shi Qian understood his concerns.

Fu Sinian frowned.

He hated her?

He just didn’t like her and wasn’t willing to continue being husband and wife with her.
He didn’t hate her yet.

He opened his mouth to explain.

However, he suddenly felt that there was nothing to explain.

Listening to the rest of the conversation, Jiang Feng couldn’t help but snicker.

Young Master Fu was too abnormal today!

He must have fallen for Young Madam!

Fu Sinian looked up and saw Jiang Feng smiling.

“It’s so cold in the car.
Why didn’t you turn on the heater?!” Fu Sinian said coldly.

Jiang Feng immediately turned on the heater.

Then the car fell silent.

After a while, Fu Sinian spoke again.

“What’s that classmate’s name? What year is he in? Where is he from?”

Shi Qian was stunned again.

Why did he suddenly ask that?

“When a girl looks for a boyfriend, she has to be careful.
She has to know the other party’s background.” Fu Sinian seemed to have already started acting as an uncle.

Shi Qian understood now.

Fu Sinian had really misunderstood her and Liu Yiming! Did he think she was really dating Liu Yiming?

Forget it, she would just admit it!

If Fu Sinian thought that she had someone she liked, he wouldn’t misunderstand that she had ulterior motives towards him!

“His name is Liu Yiming.
He’s in the directing department.
He’s already in his fourth year.
He’s from Sucheng,” Shi Qian replied softly.

Fu Sinian felt a little choked up when he saw how fluently she answered.

He wondered why he felt such emotions.

As long as it had something to do with Shi Qian, he always lost control.

It was as if he had met another unfamiliar version of himself.

This was an illness!

He had to be treated.

He attributed all of this to his mental illness.

“When did you start dating?”

“I met him the day I came to sign up for the Chinese Drama Academy.
It’s just that he confessed to me a few days ago and we’ve only just confirmed our relationship.” Shi Qian was flustered.
She was lying like a thief.

Fu Sinian couldn’t possibly ask Liu Yiming for confirmation!

Don’t panic, don’t panic!

“He won’t mind that you’ve been married, will he?”

“He won’t mind! We’re going towards each other in both ways.”

“What’s that?”

“He had a crush on me the first time he saw me.
It’s just that he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings.
He never told me.
I thought he was outstanding too.
I admired him a little, but I couldn’t face my feelings.
I only dared to pay attention to him secretly.
It wasn’t until he confessed to me that I had the courage to be with him.”


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