A man in a green sweater walked in their direction.

His name was Qin Hao and he was quite famous in Chinese drama.

He was also a student at the Chinese drama school, but he had graduated more than two years ago and was still often on campus.

He was a rich second-generation heir.
His family’s investment involved the film and television industry, and many Chinese drama girls flocked to him.

Although he was a playboy, according to him, every relationship he dated was serious.

He loved whoever he was with the most.

After breaking up, someone else could easily take over the position of his girlfriend.

Although he was the worst of the worst, he was not stingy with the money and resources he could give his girlfriends.

There were even many girls who wanted to seduce him.

Being with Qin Hao was a shortcut to success.

Shi Qian saw Qin Hao walking quickly towards her.

“Qiu Jie, I’ll go back first!” Shi Qian greeted Qiu Jie and immediately turned around, walking towards the school gate.

Qin Hao quickly followed and caught up to Shi Qian in a few steps.

He took out a red rose and held it out to Shi Qian.

“I’ll take you somewhere tonight,” Qin Hao said directly, as if expecting Shi Qian not to refuse.

“I’m sorry, I’m not free tonight.”

“Shi Qian, a few tricks to keep people in suspense are enough.
If you play too much, they will lose interest.”

A few months ago, Qin Hao had taken a fancy to Shi Qian.

He made it clear a few times but Shi Qian refused to get close to him.

As Shi Qian walked out, she checked the time.

At this time, Fu Sinian should be picking her up too!

“Shi Qian, you’re going to be in your third year soon, right? Sun Feifei from your class is already famous.
You’re much better than her, but you haven’t made a name for yourself yet.
Do you know why?”

Shi Qian stopped and looked at Qin Hao.

“Qin Hao, you’re thinking too much.
I’m not deliberately keeping you in suspense, nor do I want to date you.
Please stop pestering me! If you do, I’ll sue you for harassment!”

“Shi Qian, I gave you face, but you don’t want it?” Qin Hao threw the flower on the ground and crushed it with his foot.

He had already told the men that he would bring a female companion tonight.

How could he hold his head up if Shi Qian did not go?

“Shi Qian!” a voice suddenly interrupted.

Sun Feifei hurried over with a book.

Her goal was not Shi Qian, but Qin Hao.

Shi Qian looked down on Qin Hao, but Sun Feifei couldn’t ask for more.

“Senior, you’re here too!” Sun Feifei asked excitedly.

“Who are you!” Qin Hao asked impatiently.

“She’s the Sun Feifei you just mentioned,” Shi Qian reminded him.

Qin Hao’s face stiffened.
He was not interested in Sun Feifei and was focused on Shi Qian.

“Shi Qian, did Senior really mention me to you? Some time ago, I saw Senior at a drinking party and even went to greet him!” Sun Feifei looked excited.

Shi Qian saw an opportunity and said to the two of them, “Take your time.
I’ll leave first.”

Qin Hao grabbed Shi Qian’s arm.
“Did I let you leave?”

“Let go of me!” Shi Qian swung her arm but did not manage to pull away.

Qin Hao held her hand and walked towards the car parked by the roadside.

As soon as Jiang Feng parked the car, he saw Shi Qian being pulled by someone.

“Young Master Fu…” He turned around and realized that Fu Sinian was staring in that direction.

Fu Sinian said nothing, and Jiang Feng understood.

He immediately opened the door and got out of the car.
He walked quickly in that direction.
As he walked, he rolled up his sleeves.

“Shi Qian, I want to sleep with you tonight! There’s no woman I can’t sleep with! Stop pretending to be a virgin!”

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