people, understand?” Shi Qiuran said in a lecturing tone.

Shi Qian really could not say anything.

Her mother looked as if she was certain that Fu Sinian was her new son-in-law.
She couldn’t bring herself to say anything about her divorce from Fu Sinian.

Besides, her mother was not well.
If she said it, it would worry her and it would not help her recovery.

“Did you hear what Mom said?” Seeing that Shi Qian did not react for a long time, Shi Qiuran asked again.

“I hear you.” Shi Qian nodded helplessly.

Fu Sinian had completely stabilized her emotions.
Looking at Shi Qian’s tamed appearance, he felt that he had finally vented his anger!

The old master and his mother were completely biased.

Shi Qian’s mother was on his side!


Shi Qiuran seemed to have thought of something again and stood up to walk away.

Shi Qian glanced at Fu Sinian, unable to guess his emotions at this moment.

She felt that he must be holding it in very hard!

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