“You’re so old yet you choked on tea.” Shi Qiuran scolded softly and stood up to pat Shi Qian’s back.

“Mom, I’m fine.
Sit down and rest for a while,” Shi Qian said quickly.

Shi Qiuran sat down and immediately looked at Fu Sinian.

“Sinian, eat some fruit and try this pear.
It’s very sweet!” Shi Qiuran picked up a fruit fork and picked up a piece for Fu Sinian.

Shi Qian really didn’t know why her mother was so enthusiastic about Fu Sinian!

She clearly sighed when she mentioned that she was marrying an unconscious man!

Fu Sinian took the fruit fork and suddenly handed it to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked at him in confusion.

Did he not eat pears?

She bit into the piece of pear, her mouth full.

There was surprise in Fu Sinian’s eyes.

He handed her the fork.
She actually ate it in one bite?

Looking at Shi Qian’s puffed cheeks, he felt as if something had been thrown into his heart and it rippled.

Shi Qiuran couldn’t hide the smile in her eyes when she saw this.

Newlyweds were so sweet!

“Sinian, don’t spoil her! She’s already old enough to eat it herself!”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Shi Qiuran took the fork from Fu Sinian and picked up a strawberry.

“Try this strawberry.
It’s from your mother.
I’ve never had such a delicious strawberry.”

Fu Sinian took it and handed it to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Not even strawberries?

He wasn’t picky.
He was just being pretentious!

She looked down and bit into the strawberry.

After eating this mouthful, she immediately took the fork from Fu Sinian.

“Mom, take a break.
I’ll do it.” She moved her fork to the orange and looked at Fu Sinian tentatively.

Fu Sinian shook his head.

Shi Qian pointed at the pineapple again.
Fu Sinian still shook his head.

There was only one last thing left.

She pierced the cherry with the fork and brought it to Fu Sinian’s mouth.

Her mother had prepared it so enthusiastically.
She had to eat it even if she didn’t want to!

Fu Sinian ate the cherry.

Shi Qian did not realize that they shared a fruit fork.

She ate a few more pieces of strawberry.

“Don’t eat it yourself.
Sinian loves cherries!” Shi Qiuran reminded him.

Shi Qian picked up another cherry and gave it to Fu Sinian.

After feeding him four or five times, she suddenly realized something and blushed!

She looked at the fork in her hand and felt terrible!

She and Fu Sinian had been sharing a fork!

He even fed her two pieces of fruit.
She fed him a few cherries!

Shi Qian felt like 10,000 groundhogs were barking in her heart!

Fu Sinian saw that she was blushing and feeling a little angry, embarrassed, and frustrated.
He suddenly felt better!

Shi Qian put down her fork angrily, but she was afraid to make more noise, afraid her mother would notice.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.
Her breathing quickened, and her chest heaved visibly.

Fu Sinian raised a hand to his lips to hide a fleeting smile.

“Sinian, you’re wearing such thin clothes.
You’re not cold, are you? The weather forecast says it’s cold,” Shi Qiuran said as she stood up and went to rummage in the cabinet.

“I’m not cold,” Fu Sinian replied.

“Your legs haven’t recovered yet.
You can’t freeze.
Although you won’t feel cold, you still have to keep warm.”

Shi Qiuran dug out a small blanket from the cabinet and covered Fu Sinian’s knees.

The blanket was small and just wide enough to cover Fu Sinian’s legs.

It was a little incompatible with him.

The key was that it was pink!


“This is Qian Qian’s.
She only used it twice.”

“Thank you,” Fu Sinian said softly.

He reached out slowly and touched the blanket.
He had no resistance to such soft things.

For example, stuffed animals, blankets, and…

He glanced toward Shi Qian.

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