Shi Qian picked up her phone and flipped through a few more photos.

Finally, there was a photo of Fu Sinian.
He was sitting at a table with the setting sun behind him.
As it was backlit, his face could not be seen, but the outline of his body could be distinguished at a glance.

On the table in front of him was the sunflower that the girl was holding.

It was obvious that the girl had taken the photo.

Shi Qian stopped scrolling and put the phone down.

The old master glanced at Shi Qian and his heart ached.

“Fu Sinian, what exactly are your plans?” the old master asked in a low voice.

“I want to end my marriage to Shi Qian.”

“I knew it.
You still want a divorce!” Old Master Fu’s chest felt a little stuffy.

He suddenly coughed a few times and his breathing was irregular.

Fu Sinian didn’t think much of it.
The old master was strong.
He was pretending to be sick.

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Shi Qian was a little worried and quickly stood up to pat the old master’s chest.

“Qian Qian… Grandpa… Cough, cough!” The old master coughed again and quickly picked up the towel in front of him to cover his mouth.

The white towel was instantly stained red!



The people in the room were in a mess!

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian with a resentful expression.

This was his fault! Did he only know how to be straightforward?

Fu Sinian met her gaze and his heart stopped.

Fifteen minutes later.

The ambulance arrived.

Fu Sinian’s heart tightened as he watched the old master being carried into the ambulance!

He could not move easily and could not follow him to the hospital.
He could only watch as the old master was carried away.

Shi Qian accompanied him in the ambulance.

Jin An hurriedly went to get the car and brought Wen Lan to the hospital.

When Wen Lan entered, she walked towards Fu Sinian.

“You should know why your grandfather likes Shi Qian so much.
If Shi Qian’s grandfather hadn’t risked his life to save her back then, your grandfather wouldn’t have lived in this world.”

“Shi Qian’s grandfather didn’t want anyone to say that he was trying to curry favor with a powerful person.
He stayed away from the capital and rarely interacted with your grandfather.
Your grandfather has always remembered this favor.
If the Lin family had a daughter in the previous generation, your father wouldn’t have married me.”

“Before you fainted, Grandpa mentioned the engagement with the Lin family.
However, I didn’t agree because I know you definitely won’t agree.
I didn’t want to force you to marry her.”

“You were unconscious for so long that your grandfather and I thought you would never wake up again.
I thought about getting an heir for the Fu family so I went to the Lin family.
The first time I saw Shi Qian, I felt that this girl suited my taste.”

“I even thought that if you woke up, you won’t be too against this marriage.
The reason I really like Shi Qian is because she caused your awakening.
I think it’s like fate.”

“If you really want to divorce Shi Qian, I won’t stop you.
However, look at the situation today.
It’s best to take it slow and let your grandfather accept it slowly.”

Fu Sinian nodded.
“I understand.”


… .

A few hours later, the old master woke up.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Shi Qian guarding the bed and his heart warmed.

When Shi Qian realized that the old master was awake, she immediately stood up.
“Grandpa, how do you feel? I’ll call the doctor!”

The old master took Shi Qian’s hand and shook his head at her.

“Being with Grandpa will help more than anything.”

Shi Qian sat down obediently.

“When he was unconscious, Grandpa had a dream that he was with your grandfather when he was young.”

Shi Qian learned from Su Youwei that the Fu family was here to look for the Lin family to fulfill the engagement.

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