s a sudden sound of footsteps outside.

Wen Lan pushed Fu Sinian in.

Shi Qian immediately looked behind Fu Sinian and did not see the girl from before.

“Qian Qian, push Sinian to wash his hands first.
We’re ready to eat.
By the way, we didn’t prepare any good dishes today, so we didn’t keep that guest for dinner,” Wen Lan said casually.

Shi Qian glanced at Fu Sinian and thought to herself.

Fu Sinian wasn’t very impressive!

He had brought her here, but she couldn’t even get through the door.

She pushed Fu Sinian to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

“What happened?”

Seeing Shi Qian’s eager expression, Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and headed for the sink.
He turned on the tap and washed his hands.

“Did you talk to your mother about the divorce?” Shi Qian asked again.

Fu Sinian raised his hand and looked at her.

Shi Qian turned, pulled the towel and handed it to him.

Why was it so difficult to communicate with Fu Sinian!

“Do you need my cooperation?”

“Shi Qian, it’s so difficult for us to get a divorce.
You’re 99% responsible!” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

The moment he spoke, it was an accusation.

Shi Qian was angry, but she could not refute.
The Fu family was indeed protecting her and did not agree to their divorce.

“Then I’ll go out and say that I have a man in my heart too.
I can’t accept a marriage without a relationship foundation!” Shi Qian said and was about to leave.

Fu Sinian grabbed her arm.

He was so strong that Shi Qian was yanked back.
She hit the wheelchair and fell uncontrollably into his arms.

Fu Sinian reached out and held her waist.

Shi Qian sat steadily on his lap.

They both froze!

In the small space, the atmosphere suddenly became indescribable.

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