She hung up?

He handed the phone back to Fu Sinian, and his own phone rang.

Young Master Fu’s current expression was…

Forget it, he didn’t have time to explain! Bai Jianshen could only answer the call first.

Fu Sinian picked up the wine on the table and downed it.

Did this woman do it on purpose?

What could she want from Bai Jianshen?

It was just a trick to attract his attention!

Did she think these methods would work in front of him?

Shi Qian roughly explained the situation to Bai Jianshen.

“Okay, I’ll add you on WeChat later.
Send me the information and I’ll contact you after I’ve read it.”

“Thank you so much, Dr.
Bai.” Shi Qian was extremely grateful.

“You’re welcome.”

Shi Qian hung up and saved Bai Jianshen’s phone number.
Then, she quickly added him on WeChat.

She had two WeChats, one for work and one for normal use.
She usually switched between them.

Bai Jianshen looked at the new verification notification and immediately accepted it.

[Shi Qian]: Hello, Dr.

After this message, she immediately sent another cute cat’s pink paw.
Then a fat cat slowly climbed up.

Bai Jianshen held the phone and his lips curled up slightly.

This emoticon was so cute.

Fu Sinian looked up at Bai Jianshen.

What are you two talking about? You’re smiling so brightly!

After greeting him, Shi Qian sent the information about the medicine.

[Bai]: Okay, let me see.

[Shi Qian]: Thank you ~

Bai Jianshen frowned slowly as he read the information.
He immediately scrolled to the end.
Sure enough, he saw a mark.

This mark was a special mark from a research lab he had been paying attention to recently.

He was still waiting for the research results of this research lab to see if it could treat Young Master Fu’s headache.

How did Shi Qian know someone in this research lab?

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