As I was about to fall unconscious, I remembered that I was outside and hurriedly sat back down.
I felt a chill as I realized that I had unknowingly thought of something outrageous.


“Are you okay? I think you should refrain from drinking any more alcohol tonight,” he said


As I still held my dizzy head, a glass of water was handed to me.


“Oh, thank you.”


“But really, what a terrible person you are.
I listened to yours but you leave when it comes to my story.”


“I'm sorry.”


“I'm sorry.
I said something mean when you were feeling weak.”


I heard a small laugh from beside me.
It seemed like the man really wasn't bothered.


“It irritated me a little.
You can't talk about love in front of a heartbroken woman.
You're not popular with women, are you?”


“Unfortunately, I'm quite popular, actually.”


Was he trying to pick a fight with me? I wished I could clear my head by pouring a glass of water over this man's head.


“Oh, really? That's good then.
Your love will soon come true.”


“Please pretend to be interested, at least a little bit.”


“You're popular, right? You've been pulling back until now, so if you really try, you'll easily win over your unhappy current partner.”


“Do you really think so?”


“You're surprisingly troublesome…”


At this point, I wondered if I was being comforted or harassed.


While thinking that I should leave from here even now, I drank the water.


“I fell in love at first sight, actually.
But at that time, she already had a fiancé, so I never really talked to her.”


“Well, if that's the case, first of all, meet her and start talking.
I don't know how much you're known for your reputation with women, but few women trust a man who suddenly approaches them, especially if he's known for playing around.”

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“Oh, no, I don't have such a reputation, and I'm not playing around or anything.”


“That's not true.
If you're somewhat popular among women, you're definitely being talked about behind your back.
Approach her with the assumption that she knows about it.”


“…You're feeling better now.”


“Yes, thanks to you.”


I was inadvertently too friendly and gave kind advice.


I could tell that the man was dissatisfied.
He was unexpectedly easy to get along with, but it was probably because he was drunk that he felt that way.


“Well, now that you've given me some good advice, let's get back to the story.”


“Huh? You're still trying to hurt my feelings, aren't you? You really are popular, aren't you?”


“That's outrageous.”


Saying so, the man paused for a moment, then handed me a new glass.
He was a thoughtful person, even if he didn't realize that he himself had become absent-minded.


“Please introduce me to your parents.”


I sobered up instantly.
I scrutinized the meaning of the words, examined them, and mulled them over.
What came out of my mouth was a simple “Huh?”.


I mean, I didn't understand.
Didn't this guy know that conversations needed coherence?


Then he said, “If you don't do this, you will have to marry that guy.
You will have to live under the same roof with your sister, and you won't be able to talk back to the gossip about you in social circles.


“Why are you suddenly throwing reality in my face? And one thing at a time, too.
Do you hold a grudge against me?”


“You will have to endure a lifetime of humiliation, while your sister will find a new partner at some point.
Perhaps she will even become the first wife of some other family.”


“Please don't say ominous things! It's unsettling because it's so plausible.”


Imagining the butler's concerned eyes, my sister's triumphant face, and my fiancé's attempts to please me, I almost cried at the misery of it all.
It was a delusion that was all too realistic.


“That's why my presence is necessary.”


“Um, I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're talking about…”


“Hehe, I have a good idea.
Will you ride along?”


The man's voice sounded terribly amused.
I felt like I was being taken advantage of by him, and a chill ran down my spine.
The man chuckled softly, perhaps he could see through my shuddering thoughts.


“If you don't trust me, feel free to refuse.
Well, in that case, you'll be heading straight for an unhappy future with nothing to resist.
It's a good thing you have the guts to choose this thorny path yourself.
I respect that.”


“No, by all means, please tell me your wonderful ideas.”


Without time to think, I changed my attitude and the man nodded in satisfaction.


“Well, neither of us will lose out on this one.”


I drank down the newly offered water in one gulp, determined to take full advantage of the situation.

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