C08: Let’s Buy a Game!

Author: Part 1 is done, and now we’re starting Part 2, where a big VTuber is coming.
If you’re interested, please stick around.
I only divided it into parts to make it easier to follow and give you a general idea of the chapters, so please don’t worry too much about it!

Let’s go at it with a blank mind again today!!!

Earlier, something happened to Yuru-sensei, abruptly ending our call.

I feel a bit guilty for going too far, but she called me cute, so, uh, yeah…I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, I’m thinking of buying a new game for streaming, so I’ll go to the game shop tomorrow.
Then, I received a call from Yuuto.

“Yo, Yuki.
‘Grats on the stream.”
“Thanks! What’s up?”
It turns out that Yuuto watched my stream.
I feel a bit shy.

“Ah, yeah.
You’re working until noon tomorrow, right?”
“Hmm, yeah, my shift ends at 1,” I reply while looking at my schedule.

“I was planning to practice all day tomorrow, but it looks like it’ll end in the morning.
We could hang out somewhere if we’re both free.”
It seems Yuuto will be free since club activities are ending earlier than expected.
I also wanted to check out some games, so it might be nice to ask him if he wants to tag along.

“I see.
I was thinking of buying a game for streaming based on the requests I receive before noon tomorrow.
Wanna help me pick one out?”

“Sure, checking out games is nice once in a while.
I’ll come too.”

“If we’re gonna check out games, should we meet at the station?”
“Sounds good.
The game shop is near the station, so let’s meet there around 2 pm.”
“Sure, that works for me.”
“Alright, see you tomorrow!”
“Yep, see you!”

The next day…

“Phew, part-time was so tiring…”
I finished my shift and went back home.
I put my uniform in the washing machine and showered before heading out again.

“Okay, good to go.
Let’s head to the station.”
I went to the station in a casual outfit.

Hm? What am I wearing, you ask?
A khaki cap, a slightly oversized white t-shirt, and navy jeans.
Oh, and I’m wearing white sneakers.
I also have a black shoulder bag with me.

When I arrived at the station, I saw Yuuto and briskly walked toward him to say hello.

“Heyyyy, Yuuto! Ah-”
I forgot about the small ramp at the station.
By the time I thought that, it was too late, and my body was about to fall down.
Time seemed to slow down for a moment.

But then…
“Are you okayyy?”
It’s a woman’s voice.
She has a unique way of speaking, with a relaxed tone and elongated endings to her words.
She’s taller than me and grabbed me by the arm, quickly wrapping her arms around me to prevent me from falling.

“Oh, I’m okay! Thank you so much! I was afraid I was going to fall for a moment…”
I feel a little embarrassed.
I’m in a position that looks like the heroine in a dance number.
My face is starting to feel hot.

“No one likes to get hurttt.
I’m glad you’re okayyy.”
The woman lets go of me and smiles before walking away.

“She was pretty…”

“But her voice sounded familiar… Was it just my imagination?”

“Heyyy, Yuki, what are you doing? You okay?”

Yuuto saw me trip and asked me if I was alright.

“Yeah, I’m okay.
That woman earlier helped me out, so I’m not hurt or anything.”

“Oh, that’s good.
Shall we go then?”
“Yeah, let’s!”

We made our way to the game shop and checked out the horror games, which seemed to be the most popular genre based on the survey.

“Were you able to handle horror games just fine before, Yuki?”
I’ve played all the games in the R* franchise.”
That’s right, on the stream, I acted like I was awful with horror games, but I actually really love them.
…As long as they’re not too gory.

“Oh yeah, you love the R* franchise, don’t you.”
“I do.
Oh, but I haven’t played the latest VR version yet.”

“Let’s go with that, then.”

“But what if my reactions are too boring because I can play it normally?”
“Nah, I’m confident that you’ll be fine.”
“In that case, should I buy this one?”
“Go for it.
I’m sure you can make a good video out of it.”

“And promise me you’ll record your first playthrough!”
Urged on by Yuuto, I started playing the game later that night and ended up screaming my head off.
But that’s a story for another time.

—???s POV—

As I was on my way to the bus stop to take the bus home from the station, I saw someone who looked like a little boy running up the ramp and tripping.
I was right beside him, so I instinctively turned and caught him in my arms to stop his momentum.

“Are you okayyy?”
It turned out that the person I caught was a boy who had a face that looked like a girl’s, with delicate features.

“Oh, I’m okay! Thank you so much! I was afraid I was going to fall for a moment…”

Maybe he’s a girl, after all.
His voice is cute.

“No one likes to get hurttt.
I’m glad you’re okayyy.”
With that, I immediately leave the scene.

I couldn’t help but suppress my smile because everything was perfect – his tiny body, cute face, and sweet voice.
I’m a lady who loves lolis and shotas, but no one around me knows that.

As I headed home, I thought today’s incident was a good one.

Little did I know I would have another unexpected encounter with that boy again.

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