C06: Debut Stream! (First Half)

The video I uploaded to my channel received more positive feedback than I had imagined and steadily increased the number of subscribers.

Although I had only uploaded two more videos after the first cooking video, everyone seemed to have enjoyed them.

Ideally, I would like to create videos other than cooking ones, but since I haven’t gone live yet, I don’t know what the viewers want.
Therefore, I decided to buy time with cooking videos for the time being.

The first one was karaage, tamagoyaki, and braised burdock root, and for the second one, I made pasta.
I love carbonara, so I made it without using the Roman-style recipe with heavy cream.
It was easy, delicious, and satisfying.
For the third video, I made crab omelet on rice—an easy dish that involves beating imitation crab sticks into eggs and frying them to make them fluffy.
I then placed them on rice and drizzled Chinese-style sauce to complete the dish.

I edited and uploaded these videos and worked part-time on weekends.
Before I knew it, the following weekend had arrived, and time seemed to pass by much faster than usual.

If I continued like this and monetized my channel, I might not have to work part-time anymore.
With this in mind, I prepared to start streaming.

Today, I plan to stream while showing my entire model, so I will equip motion trackers on my whole body.

The tracking items can be purchased for around 10,000 yen each, but the downside is that several are needed to track the whole body.
I have prepared ten, including spares.
I also have gloves that can track finger movements, but they get hot when worn, so I’ll make sure to turn on the air conditioning to avoid heatstroke.
I announced that I would start streaming in 10 minutes on Tweeter and checked the settings for YotubeLive.
I started the streaming software and linked it with the software that manages the 3D model.
Then, the 3D model appeared, and Yuka Shirahime began to move on the screen in sync with my body movements.

After confirming that everything, including my fingertips, could move properly, I was ready.

I modified my voice, and I am now Yuka.

It’s time to start the stream.

Now, let’s begin my actual VTuber debut.

[Thanks for waiting, everyone! It’s me, Yuka Shirahime!]


there she issssss ━━━ヽ(ヽ(゜ヽ(゜∀ヽ(゜∀゜ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ゜∀゜)ノ∀゜)ノ゜)ノ)ノ━━━!!!

already cute from the get-go

yuka-chwan youre sho cute ily

whatre you gonna do today?

As I greet my viewers, they respond in the live comments section, making me feel welcomed beyond what I imagined.
It’s not something an indie content creator would generally experience.
I’m truly grateful to Yuru-sensei for this.

[Thank you so much for coming to my stream today! I want to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself and read the marshmallows I collected via Tweeter.
I will also be conducting a survey related to my future videos, so please stay until the end if you can♪]

i sent you a marshmallow! i hope you read it!!

i sent one too!

me too!

im so excited for the survey i cant sleep at night

ill stay with you (double meaning intended)

[Let’s start with my introduction! As I already mentioned, I am Yuka Shirahime, 17 years old and 150 cm tall!]

no way, theres no way thats true

we cant be sure if shes even 140cm …

huh? 17? seriously?

It’s also written on her channel bio, so I don’t think it’s false.
You can’t monetize your Yotube channel with fake info.

thanks for the explanation bro.

[I mean, I really am 150 cm tall in real life!]

lmfao a VTuber is already disclosing real-life info



her character doesnt even have any specific lore or setting lolol

[T-That aside! My mama is Yuru Kakizaki—Mama Yuru, for short!]

Yuru Kakizaki: I don’t mind dying this very second…

that time mama suddenly appeared but then died

mama yuru?!

what happened to the usually calm and collected yuru-sensei?!

showing her true colors, i see

[Oh! Mama Yuru is here! Thank you for coming! ♪]
I say with a big smile on my face.

Yuru Kakizaki:

mayday! mayday! were losing mama yuru!!!

dang, we lost a good person…

she was purified by her smile… huh? why is the ground disappearing under my feet?


is it just me or are so many people already dying from the start?


[Stay strong, everybody! Please don’t die on me!]

im back to life

heh, dont worry, tis just a fatal wound.
nothing to fuss over

I didn’t die tho

Yuru Kakizaki: I-I’m okay, you can continue.

Mama Yuru, it’s too late trying to act cool now

[Ah, um, for now, I’ll start with the marshmallow entries.]

my body is ready

hope there aren’t any burn(ed) marshmallows

Yuka-chan is cute, I’m sure it’ll be fine

no lewd stuff, ok! onii-san won’t tolerate that!

[All right, I’m reading the first marshmallow!]
“Yuka-chan is an indie VTuber, so do you mind
telling us what made you debut and what difficulties you faced?
Also, I’d like to know about your favorite VTubers, if any.”

oh, it’s a decent one

thank goodness its a normal question

ngl, im curious too

[Well, the first thing about my debut is that there’s an embarrassing story behind it.
You see, there was someone I really liked.]



no way

yamestop kudaplease…

[I was their junior and had a one-sided crush on them, but one day I found out they got a boyfriend…]


i’d cry

ive experienced the same thing, so I know how harsh that feels…

[They liked VTubers, so I thought, what if I became a famous VTuber and showed them what I’m capable of? That’s how I started.]

thats how theyre connected?

I see…

going into VTubing because of being heartbroken is some next-level creativity

[Enough of the depressing stuff! Let’s talk about my struggles next! It’s about my body, you see.
Making it myself was impossible, but with a generic model, I couldn’t express my individuality, you know? I wanted to be a unique VTuber, so finding an artist was tough.
Ultimately, I commissioned mama Yuru, whom I’ve been following for a long time and loved her art.]

i guess everyone experiences issues with their virtual body

i gave up on that too

although the generic models have improved recently, the same-face syndrome is still a problem.

[Next are my faves and VTubers I respect… Hm, there are a lot of them, so it’s hard to say.]


theres been a lot of interesting VTubers nowadays too

not only that but companies have also increased.
Its hard to keep up

I agree.]

youre one of them too, what are you saying lolol

she immediately turned into vtuber-otaku mode lol

[Anyway, we’ll start with my fave! It’s Fuwari Ukigumo-chan from Imananji’s 7th wave!]

ohh, i feel ya

you can never get enough of her comfy vibe

we have the same tastes!

[As for the VTuber I respect, I guess it’s Glintz the Schwartz from V-Live’s 1st wave?]

there it is, the chuunibyou side

his naming sense is something, but hes a good person, so I get it

hes alr saved a lot of people from his real-talk streams

[That’s true, but that person’s videos are well-made, and even though they have staff now, I heard that the first gen had to do everything themselves, including editing, so I respect them for that.]

true that, doing everything by yourself is tough

i was really worried they might collapse at one point

i remember falling asleep during editing a few times

[Okay, let’s move on to the next question!]
“I saw your cooking videos.
Do you cook for your family too?”

the food looked so delicious



just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

[Well, my parents both work, so it’s hard to coordinate schedules.
They used to cook for me when they had days off and I was really happy about it.
But now I live alone, so I just cook for myself.]

what a good kid…


Yuru Kakizaki: I want to eat Yuka-chan’s cooking…

i thought she already vanished, but sensei’s still here

can relate

[Ueeeh?! But I’m not good enough to cook for other people…]

clippable moment found

that “ueeeh” was so cute

ugh so cute…

Yuru Kakizaki: (´・ω・`)

even Mama Yuru is starting to look cute to me

[M-Maybe next time when I get the chance…? Is that okay?]

Yuru Kakizaki: Pledge confirmed.



[A-Anyway, next!]
“I love you, Yuka-chan!”

[Ehehe, thank you! I love you too, onee-chan!]



My brain is melting…

[We’re running out of time, so let’s move on quickly.
Everyone, stay strong!]
“Which do you prefer, karaage or fried chicken?”

[Karaage all the way, no objections allowed.]



serious karaage lover eh

“If our heart fails after you call us onii-chan or onee-chan, will you come visit us at the hospital?”

[If anything, I don’t want you to end up in the hospital over something like that! If it does happen, please get yourself thoroughly checked!]

so sweet

but it does happen, you know


same here

Yuru Kakizaki: It happens to me too.

mama yuru lmao

mama yuru pls

[Let’s keep this pace up!]
“Under the ‘Hobby’ section, it says you like games.
Can you tell us what genres of games you like and what genres you’re good at?”

I like this question.]

who the hell are you

dont just suddenly change your voice into a manly one lmfaooo

that’s not a voice that model should be making XD

i just lol’d irl

[Okay, enough with the jokes.
My favorite genre is action RPG, and I’m good at shooting games.]

oh, you like shooting games?


action rpgs are fun

[Yep, FPS and stuff!]

i wanna see you stream it someday


i look forward to that

[I do plan on streaming them, so don’t worry!]




[Next is the last one!]
“Comiket’s next week.
Will you be participating in a Comiket circle?]

[I was also considering that, but when I decided to become a VTuber, the recruitment period for the circle had already ended.
So I don’t think I can participate.]

it is what it is

c’est la vie

comiket’s circle recruitment deadline is pretty early…

i was hoping youd be selling voice packs…



[Sorry, but if I do participate, it’ll probably be at the winter Comiket.
Is that okay with everyone?]


ill be waiting

Wake me up when its time for winter comiket

Yuru Kakizaki: Wait.

mama yuru?

oh? what’s this?

[Mama Yuru?]

Yuru Kakizaki: I’m in a circle.
Why don’t you join me?





Yuru Kakizaki: I’ll send you the details later.


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