C03: I Created My Channel

I showed Yuuto a video I intended to share with him alone this morning, but things took a more significant turn.
Still, everyone’s response was undoubtedly positive, so I decided to make the video the first commemorative upload on my channel.

Now that I have my video ready, I need to create a channel next.

Though I said creating, it’s just setting the channel name, so there’s no need to think hard about it.

A simple play on my name should suffice.

Yuka Channel
Shirahime Channel
YUKA Channel

However, none of these feels right…

After some consideration, I decided that using my full name as the channel name would be the best choice.

Search-wise, people won’t be confused even if they only know me by name.

If I add “Channel” to it, it might not come as a top result and would take people longer to find me.

So, I decided to keep things simple and use my name, including the romanized version, to make sure it’s easily recognizable.

白姫ゆか/Yuka Shirahime

All that’s left is to create the channel and upload the video.

It took less than an hour to go from thinking up a channel name to uploading content.

I also created a new Tweeter account named Yuka Shirahime.

I then sent Yuru-sensei a DM and called it a day.

After everyone bombarded me at school today, I felt pooped.

—Yuru Kakizaki’s POV—

“Hm? I received a message.
Oh, he finally uploaded a video! I should call Yura and watch it with her.”

I picked up my phone and headed over to Yura’s room.

“Yura! He finally uploaded a video! Wanna watch it with me?”
“What? Really?! I wanna see!”

And so, we began watching the video.

[Hey there, onii-chans and onee-chans watching this video for the first time! My name is Yuka Shirahime, and I’ve decided to become a VTuber starting today!]
We heard a string of risky words from the beginning of the video.

I was severely damaged when he said “onee-chan,” but I managed to endure it.

“Phew… His content seems fine for now.
Let’s see what he does in the future…”

“Hey, onee-chan, he said his debut’s next week.
Of course, we’ll watch it, right?”
“Hello? Earth to onee-chan, you’re regressing.”
“Ack! That was close!”

“I have another job, but I’ll try to finish it early.”
“Okay, I’ll do the same.”

“Alright, I’ll go back to my room and continue working.”
“Roger! Good luck, onee-chan!”

Later then.”

I left Yura’s room and went back to my own.

“Oh, I haven’t shared the video yet.”

I followed his Tweeter account and retweeted the post.

I’m looking forward to next weekend.

I made up my mind to wrap up my current work early just for that.

This is an anonymous online forum where 80-90% of internet users are familiar with the site.

Among them, there’s a VTuber sub-forum that discusses VTubers.

This sub-forum has a thread called “Discovering Promising New VTubers,” where a certain VTuber was introduced today.

283: Name: Anon
I found a pretty amazing fresh face today.

284: Name: Anon

what kinda vtuber is it? male or female?

285: Name: Anon

Not sure, but their profile doesn’t have their gender listed, so I’m guessing they’re female.

286: Name: Anon


give us the deets! hurry!!!

287: Name: Anon

Her channel’s 白姫ゆか/Yuka Shirahime.
She has only posted a self-intro so far, but her voice and visuals are as good as those of VTubers under talent agencies.

288: Name: Anon

nice voice, and her design’s pre cute
was the commissioned artist famous or smn?

290: Name: Anon

It was done by an amateur illustrator named Yuru Kakizaki who’s popular right now.
I actually found out about her through that artist.

291: Name: Anon

no shit, the Yuru Kakizaki?!
I’m gonna check it right now.

292: Name: Anon
hey, she’s pretty cute

293: Name: Anon
My heart almost stopped when she called me onii-chan.
Won’t this cause accidental deaths?

294: Name: Anon

the hell you mean accidental deaths lmfao
no one’s gonna die from that…right?

295: Name: Anon
We might be witnessing the beginning of a legend.

296: Name: Anon
Her success depends on her future streams and videos, so I hope she does her best.

297: Name: Anon
As someone who loves girls who use boku to refer to themselves, I’m so happy I can’t stop crying.

298: Name: Anon


299: Name: Anon


300: Name: Anon

Are you me?

The response from netizens was very positive, but the VTuber herself was still unaware of it.

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