omplicated at the moment.

[As the title suggests, this is my self-introduction video! I hope you stay with me till the end! Onii-chan♪]

Yuuto suddenly clutches his chest in pain.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Yuuto?! You okay?!”
“This onii-chan is done for.
My heart is racing.
I’m gonna die.”

“For now, I’ll give my first impression.
This girl will be popular—her voice and design are undoubtedly strong.”
As for the voice, I naturally altered it a bit.
Otherwise, viewers would automatically know I’m a guy, but is it really that good?
It’s hard to think outside my own perspective.

[First of all, my name is Yuka Shirahime, and I’m 17 years old! It’s true, I swear!]

[My hobbies are gaming and singing.
Due to copyright issues, I think I’ll only be able to sing approved Vocaloid or folk songs.
I hope you bear with me on that!]

[I plan to stream primarily on weekends, so I’d be happy if everyone could come and play with me! Teehee.]

[My debut stream will be next week on July 11th, starting at 6 pm.
I hope to see you there♪]

[I also plan on uploading vids thrice a week! They’ll be about me reacting to popular things, playing games that are easily clippable, and other such things, so give those a watch, too, please?]

Yuuto has been silent ever since the self-introduction started.

“How was it? Did it feel strange in any way?”
“I’m supporting her.”
“Ah, shit, I might’ve fallen in love with a VTuber.”

Uh oh, at this rate, Yuuto might fall into unrealistic love.

“Um, Yuuto?”

“Huh? Wha?”
My phone caught the attention of the girls in my class.

They’re watching the same video I just showed to Yuuto.
Oh no, this is bad.


Wait!!! She doesn’t have a channel yet!!!
Oh no, they’ll find out! God help me!!!

“I’ll look up her name, too,” says Yuuto.

But there’s no way her name would come up.
Nothing has been uploaded yet.


“Hey, Yuki.”


Ahh, it’s all over for me now.
There’s no way the odds would work in my favor, and the homeroom bell would ring.

“…s me.”

“That VTuber is me!!!”

“I was planning to debut with this video if Yuuto’s reaction was good enough since I haven’t even created a channel yet!”
“Huh? For real? Are you under a talent agency?”

“No, I’m an indie.”
“Seriously? How did you get such a high-spec model?”

“I paid 500,000 yen for it…” I reply, looking into the distance.

“You must be motivated to invest as much as 500 thousand, Hime-kun… I’m rooting for you!”
“Me too, me too! Do your best, Hime-kun!”
“A shota who can do a loli voice…Uhehehe…”
Three classmates, Katsuki-san, Amane-san, and Hanazono-san, gave me words of encouragement.
Wait, did Hanazono-san say something strange just now?

“Did someone say something weird just now?”
“P-Probably just your imagination.”
“Let me superchat you! I’m adopting you, Hime-kun!”
Katsuki-san seems to have thought the same thing as me, but Hanazono-san is in denial.
Was it really just my imagination?
And what is Amane-san even saying?!

“Yuki, you’re amazing… if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know, ‘kay?”
It’s reassuring to hear Yuuto say that.

It seems like Yuuto and the girls in my class instantly became fans after I showed the video.

Wait, we haven’t solved the issue about my way of speaking, have we?

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