she was very good with the two children!»


«In elementary school Zhuo Shao was in the same class as my grandson.
He has always been first in class.
Every time the teacher praised him at the parent meeting, how could they be as bad as Qu Guixiang said?»


«I didn't expect Qu Guixiang to buy a house for his son with the money of the dead.»


Zhuo Shao ate at the cozy aunt's house.


Although he has already eaten a bun, a 14 or 15-year-old is capable of eating more, scrambled eggs, fried pumpkin, braised tofu, and three homemade dishes.
He ate three bowls of rice at a time and was certainly praising the dishes.


At first she felt that there was very little food at home.
When she called Zhuo Shao, she was a little embarrassed.
She immediately sympathized with Zhuo Shao and became more and more indifferent to Qu Guixiang.


Zhuo Shao is undoubtedly satisfied with the situation.
He wants to get rid of his aunt's family, but he's still a minor, it's hard to do it, and it's harder to cut through the mess quickly.


Fortunately, there is a good start now.


Zhuo Shao returned to school after eating, but when he arrived at school, the afternoon study had already started.


Today, the teacher was absent, it was the girl with the ponytail who was sitting at the podium supervising the students in the class.


This girl's name is Tang Dongyan.
Her hair is not very good.
After wearing a ponytail, there are many small short hairs on her forehead, but she looks very cute: she has baby fat on her face.


Although Zhuo Shao forgot about most of the people in the class, he was a little impressed with her.
After all, her performance has been very good and she has been very active in various activities.


«Zhuo Shao, you are late again, I will write it down.» Tang Dongyan took a look at Zhuo Shao, and then writes Zhuo Shao's name in the notebook.


Zhuo Shao used to think it was humiliating to have his name written down, but now he doesn't care anymore.
He sat in his seat, looked at his textbook and borrowed his deskmate's homework for reference.


The little fat man's words are much better than last time…
Zhuo Shao looked at it and carefully copied it.


At the beginning of school, Zhuo Shao didn't have to worry about exposing his embarrassment that he couldn't even solve math problems at this time.
Of course, he still needs to learn.
He needs to improve his scores before the monthly exam.


In the afternoon, Zhuo Shao had been studying hard, and in an instant, it was time for him to finish school.


As soon as he finished school, Zhuo Shao picked up the backpack from him and went out.


Zhuo Ting still waiting for him in the elementary school.
Zhuo Shao walked very quickly, but when leaving the school, just two hundred meters away, he met Zhuo Jiabao.


Zhuo Shao has not seen Zhuo Jiabao for many years.
After being released from prison, he once paid attention to Zhuo Jiabao's situation.
He knew that he had never worked and he liked to play.
After learning that Qu Guixiang worked as a part-time worker for him, he stopped caring for this man.
Now, he saw the young Zhuo Jiabao.


Zhuo Jiabao is very fat.
He has stayed home since he didn't work recently, so he doesn't care about himself.
His clothes are a bit dirty and his hair is messy and greasy.


He glared at Zhuo Shao, and then said: «Follow me.»


Zhuo Shao's eyes flashed, and he followed Zhuo Jiabao into an alley.
Beimen High School has been established for more than 20 years.


When it was first established, this place was a suburb, but now…
This school is already located in the center of the county, and there is a main street when you go out.
This street is also the liveliest street in the county.
People come and go.


But Zhuo Shao followed Zhuo Jiabao into the alley.
After another walk, there was no one left.
After a few more steps, they came to a house with the word 'demolition' written on the wall in red pen.


The houses here are very old and the people here have already moved.


Zhuo Jiabao turned his head and looked at Zhuo Shao with an evil smile on his face.


Zhuo Shao is no stranger to that smile.
He was often beaten and mugged by Zhuo Jiabao when he was a child.
At that time, Zhuo Jiabao showed the same smile.
At that time, because he was bullied, his parents had a big fight with Zhuo RongMing and Qu Guixiang.


When his parents were alive, Zhuo Jiabao dared not go too far.
When his parents passed away, Zhuo Jiabao was very cheeky.
Fortunately, this man did not live with them and they did not meet much.


«Zhuo Shao, you dare to bully my mother…» Zhuo Jiabao clenched his fist and looked at Zhuo Shao with a mocking smile.
Before he finished speaking, Zhuo Shao kicked him in the stomach.

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